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According to data from OSHA, work-related accidents and injuries cost American businesses nearly $170 billion per year. Even more staggering, nearly 4,500 people die each year on the job. Staffing for safety is a must, but most employers focus their resources on training for safety once an employee is already hired. While safety training is essential, it is also important to focus on hiring employees that value a safe workplace. Hiring managers must identify safety-minded individuals, identifying those candidates can be a challenge.

Safety-Focused Interview Questions

There is no foolproof way of assessing a candidate’s commitment to safety, but if you hope to make an educated judgment, ask safety-related questions during the interview. Each company will have its own safety procedures and priorities, but these general questions are an excellent starting point for developing your own unique recipe of questions:

  • How do you define safety? Look for answers that go beyond, “not getting hurt on the job.” Strong candidates will answer with proactive strategies that help avoid accidents and injuries by reducing risks and hazards.
  • What role does safety play on the job? Unfortunately, some people view safety procedures as a hindrance to productivity. Strong answers to this question will indicate the candidate has thought about the fact that safe working practices help everyone do their jobs more effectively.
  • What do you think the safety responsibilities are for this position? Look for answers that describe behaviors that help reduce risk. They should be able to outline the actions they would take to help create a safe environment on each shift.

References Can Fill in the Blanks

Many employers go through the motions when it comes to conducting reference checks. However, the best way to assess how a candidate will perform in the future is to learn about their past performance. This includes safety. Ask former supervisors about candidates’ safety record and their general approach to safety on the job. This should help paint a clearer picture of an individual’s safety values.

Are You Looking to Staff for Safety?

If you are genuinely building a safety culture at your workplace, you must focus more time and attention on the hiring process in order to reduce risk. At DHR Staffing in Houston, safety is always a priority when we recruit for our clients. We understand the importance of a safe workplace, and we are well recognized as an industry leader when it comes to safety. Don’t let new hires or temporary staff put your team at risk. Contact the industrial recruiting experts at DHR Staffing today to learn how we can keep you fully staffed, with an eye for safety.

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