Does Your Resume Have Gaps?


There was a time when gaps in your work history were the kiss of death for your career. However, in today’s market, employers often see people with gaps in their resumes. Layoffs and plant closures are common occurrences, and many adults find themselves voluntarily leaving the workforce to care for an ailing parent, raise children or even build their skill set. Even though hiring managers aren’t shocked by gaps, they will want you to explain them in an interview.

Address Gaps Up Front

If you’ve got gaps in your resume, don’t shy away from them. Addressing them head-on is often the best course of action. If you were laid off, if you took full-time skills courses or if you left the workforce to deal with a family matter like a new child or an ailing parent, address that situation directly in your cover letter. Explain why you took time off, note that you’re excited to jump back into the workforce with both feet and position yourself as the right person for this opening.

Make the Most of Your Time Off

It’s one thing to leave the workforce to care for a sick family member, but if you get laid off or fired, you might be feeling a bit more anxious about your gaps. One thing hiring managers want to know about your gaps is how you spent your downtime. If you were laid off and looking for a new opportunity, what did you do when you weren’t sending out resumes? It is critical to fill that time with constructive activities like achieving a new skill or even volunteering in your community.

Volunteering is an ideal way to pass the time when you’re between jobs and may be feeling a little bored or even down on yourself.  There are thousands of volunteer opportunities in the community, and volunteering will get you out of the house, expose you to new people and keep your self-esteem high while you’re searching for the right paid position.

Even if the work you do as a volunteer has nothing to do with your chosen profession, it still adds value to your resume. Volunteering when you’re between jobs shows motivation and drive, as well as selflessness. You can build leadership skills while volunteering, learn creative problem solving and a host of other transferrable skills, as well.  Volunteering cannot hurt your career, it can only help it in the long run.

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