Recruiters: What Happens When You Can’t Find Talent?


If talented workers were easy to find, nobody would need the services of recruiters. The fact of the matter is good people are hard to find, and this is sometimes true even for the most talented staffing professionals. No matter how great your network, no matter how hard you work, sometimes the right person seems impossible to find. So as a recruiter, what happens when you can’t find talent? Where can you turn when it seems like the market is dry as the desert in July?

You Can Double Your Network With One Phone Call

It would be nice if there was a way to instantly expand your talent network without lifting a finger. Fortunately, there is a way. The DHR Staffing Partners Program was designed to help staffing firms access great people when they need a helping hand. Whether all your best people are on assignment, a job order falls outside of your wheelhouse or your firm has reached capacity and your staff doesn’t have the bandwidth to take it all on, DHR can help.

A strategic partnership with DHR Staffing ensures your business can meet client demands, exceed their expectations and continue to grow revenue, no matter what gets thrown your way.

The Staffing Partners Program

The DHR Staffing Partners Program is successful because it is simple. Once a partnership has been established, all a recruiter needs to do is reach out to DHR when a customer places an order. Once we receive the order, DHR fills it, hires the talent and manages the employee while on assignment. DHR shares proceeds of the job with you, while you get to take the credit for a successful engagement. The simplicity of the program means your staffing firm doesn’t have to turn business away, even if an order falls outside of your core service offerings, and it also opens the door to a passive revenue stream.

What Types of Talent Can DHR Connect You With?

DHR Staffing has earned its reputation as Houston’s premier expert in light industrial and general labor force development. Our recruiters have a vast network of talent for full-time, part-time and temporary assignments. DHR can connect you with general laborers, production workers, warehouse staff, pipe yard workers, welders, forklift drivers, crane operators, carpenters, mechanics, maintenance pros, quality control team members and more.

Every order that comes from a staffing partner is given the same time and attention as our own orders. We utilize precise matching criteria to ensure we are sending the right people to your clients to get the job done.

If you are ready to learn more about the ways a DHR Staffing partnership can help your recruiting firm access a deep pool of talent without increasing your workload or overhead, contact the industrial recruiting experts at DHR Staffing in Houston today.

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