Think Networking Isn’t Important to Your Job Search? Think Again!


When you think about “networking,” you probably think of white-collar workers hobnobbing at conferences, seminars and swanky downtown establishments. Did you know that networking is just as important for laborers and industrial professionals? No matter what business you’re in, it is important to forge relationships with people who can help you advance your career. If you’re not networking, you’re cutting yourself short.

Networking is More than Just Cocktail Parties

Don’t think that networking is all about dressing up and standing around a ballroom sipping cocktails and eating finger foods. There are a lot of ways to get out, meet people, and grow your network including:

  • Attend company functions: Get active in things like the company softball team or bowling league and attend annual holiday parties and picnics. Make every effort to meet new people and learn what others do outside your team.
  • Join trade associations: There are lots of national trade associations that have local chapters. These groups often host parties, seminars and other events where you can meet people from across your regional area.
  • Network online: Online networking on social media isn’t reserved for the white-collar set. You will stand head and shoulders above your competition if hiring managers if they see you are active on sites like LinkedIn.
  • Join community groups: Get active in local civic groups to expand your network beyond industry.
  • Volunteer: If you are someone who wants to give back to your community, get involved with a local organization. Volunteering is a great way to expand both your social and your professional circles while doing a bit of good for your local area.

Work With a Professional Recruiter

Networking is so important because it’s often who you know that matters when it comes to hearing about open positions or getting hired. References, referrals and recommendations from the “right” people can often mean the difference between a job offer and a rejection letter.

However, networking takes a long time and it isn’t for everyone. If it was as easy as attending one event, everyone would do it. One way to make networking work a little faster is to tap into the existing network of an industrial recruiter.

Recruiters are all about networking. They are constantly building connections with local businesses, and they hear about jobs long before they are ever posted to the public. Recruiters also talk to hiring managers ahead of time about you, your skills and your qualifications so you walk into an interview knowing they’ve already heard great things about you.

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