Why Are Interpersonal Skills Important?


When you’re interviewing candidates, you are likely focused on the technical skills required to get the job done. However, no one on your workforce operates in a bubble. Everyone is a member of a team, and it is critical that employees possess strong interpersonal skills, so they can work effectively with others.

People Skills Promote Safety

In an industrial environment, safety is always a priority, and effective communication is a key part of safety. Employees need to feel comfortable speaking up whether they are notifying their co-workers of a potential hazard, reporting a hazard or safety issue to a boss, or helping someone else do a task safely.

Listening is equally important in these scenarios. Someone who has poor listening skills may not receive messages clearly, which could put other members of the team at risk.

People Skills Promote Teamwork

Everyone on your team must work together in order to achieve their goals. If people don’t pull in the same direction, if they don’t pitch in to help one another, or if they do not ask questions to understand a task, the productivity of the group can suffer. It is essential to hire people who have a team spirit and who can deal well with taking and giving direction when necessary.

Attitude Matters

Employees who have good people skills typically have a better attitude than people who do not. Think about those on your team who don’t convey a positive attitude. It’s likely they tend to be gruff with colleagues, they probably don’t take direction well and other members of the team don’t enjoy working with them.

Light industrial work is stressful, and a positive attitude is extremely important to maintain productivity and output. Hiring people who lack interpersonal skills can put team goals in jeopardy.

Interviewing for Interpersonal Skills

The best way to hire workers with great people skills is to include behavioral questions in your interviews. Use questions like these to assess people skills:

  • Tell me about a time you worked with someone you didn’t particularly like. How did things eventually turn out?
  • Describe a time you disagreed with the actions of a supervisor. How did you deal with the situation and what was the outcome?
  • Describe a time you were involved in a conflict at work. How was it resolved?
  • What three qualities would your last boss say made you an effective worker?

When you have your field narrowed and you’re checking references, verify the candidate demonstrates strong interpersonal skills.

Are You Looking for Industrial Candidates With Interpersonal Skills?

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