DHR Staffing: Is Your Resume Boring? Give it a Makeover!


Your resume is the first thing potential employers see when you apply for a job at their company. Make sure they aren’t reading an outdated and boring piece of paper. With all the competition for labor jobs in Houston, you can’t afford to be eliminated by a resume that was fashionable ten years ago.

Whether you’ve just begun your search or you’ve been coming up empty in a months-long pursuit of work, take a fresh look at your resume and see where it can be updated and improved. Here are some tips to help you along:

Your achievements are more important than your objectives

The hiring manager already knows your objective is to get hired for the job that was posted. Why waste space on that?

Instead, use the area right below your contact information for a summary of your skills, years of experience and your achievements. Those items will grab the attention of the reader and help to streamline the process.

Forget the buzzwords. Get specific!

Don’t bother describing yourself with adjectives such as “hardworking” or “talented.” They are rather meaningless. Instead of using a word like “creative,” tell them you came up with a tool that eliminated a time-consuming secondary operation, which saved the company $50,000 in the first year alone. This is the kind of specific information that could get you hired!

Provide details of your past employers

Not every hiring manager will recognize your former employers and know what they do. Give them the details of those employers’ work, in addition to the company contact information. That way you can point out similarities (size, culture, type of industry) between the two companies. You’ll be creating a comfort level with the prospective employer as they realize you will probably fit in.

Take technology into consideration

Many companies have started using programs called applicant tracking systems to read inbound resumes electronically. These programs analyze your resume’s keywords and place them into a database file. It’s essential you choose a simple design to make it easy for these programs to read your resume. Graphic effects, bullet points and fancy fonts can make your resume unreadable for these programs, and your resume could end up in the trash.

Be sure you’re presenting yourself as a professional

Check your resume for embarrassing errors. You won’t make a great first impression with mistakes in spelling and grammar. In fact, it could get your resume tossed into the trash.

Make it easy for the company to get in touch with you. Contact information should include a phone number, email address and social media links. The time you take to present yourself as a capable professional is well worth it.

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