Obstacles or Opportunities?


Lose your job and everyone is full of well-meaning condolences: Keep your head up. It’s all for the best. Something will come up.

You smile and quietly seethe, wishing people would stop saying stuff like that. But trite and cliché as they are, these sentiments include some wisdom. As frustrating as the job search can be, as scary as unemployment becomes, the process is also an adventure, a potential door to a better life.

So, keep your head up, and so forth. Each step of the way, try to stay positive. Your goal now is to turn obstacles into opportunities. Here’s some examples of places where you can flip the script:

Losing Your Job in the First Place

It may seem like the worst day of your life. Losing a job is traumatic, opening a deep well of fear and self-recrimination. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Launching a new adventure can be exciting. You’ll have the opportunity to try new experiences and learn new skills. Try to keep a positive outlook on the search for a new job. It is better for your overall mental health and might help you secure a new position faster.

The Resume Blunder

You’ve sent the same resume to a dozen places, then someone points out you claim you had “an impotent position of leadership” at your last company.


Well, that’s obviously a bad look, but at least you’ve caught it now. It’s important to give your resume a re-read every so often, even if you aren’t making changes. Also, it’s a prime example of why you should get someone else to read it over before sending it out. This can be a good opening to networking. “Hey, can you take a look at my resume?” can quickly become “You know, I think we’re hiring for a position you might be perfect for.”

Blowing the Interview

You were just trying to show you had a good personality, but boy that joke went off the rails fast. Don’t worry, it was only one interview. Every time you get in front of a company’s HR staff, it’s an opportunity to hone your skills.

Think about it like dating. You went on a lot of embarrassing dates in your teens and early twenties, but by the time you were ready to get serious, you were relatively good at relationships. Each interview is a step forward. Even the bad ones bring you closer to landing that perfect job.

Missing out on That Perfect Opportunity

Your resume is stellar, netting you an interview. The interview goes well, everyone is clicking, you can tell they are impressed. What’s more, you love the opportunity. The people seem great. The workplace is top-notch. It fits right into your career plan.

Then nothing. You don’t hear back and eventually the job posting comes off their webpage.

What happened?

Well, the truth is: any number of things. Someone’s college roommate was up for the same job. Your competition was an MIT rocket engineer. They may have moved someone over from inside the company.

It’s important not to take the rejection personally. Another great opportunity is just around the corner.

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