Do You Want to Win Top Candidates? Here’s Some Interview Tips to Improve Your Chances


See if this sounds familiar: You spend untold time and effort going through the interview process for an open position, narrow down the candidates to the best prospects, but each of them turns you down. Now you must decide whether you should go down to the next tier of potential workers or start all over again.

What keeps going wrong? It’s possible you aren’t taking every opportunity to win the best candidates. There might be structural issues with the position or the compensation. But there also might be small steps you can take in your interaction with the prospects that could lead to better results.

Here are some steps you can take in the interview process to make securing the top candidates more likely:

Remember: You’re Selling the Company Too

Employers commonly assume the main goal of a job interview is to figure out who is the best candidate. But that’s only part of the process.

It isn’t just about the candidates selling themselves to you. You are also selling the company to them. The interview is the most sustained contact you are likely to have with a prospect before the job offer. Take the opportunity to talk up the company, planting the seed for the eventual job offer.

Learn About the Individual

Everybody is different. We know this instinctively, but it’s easy to treat the interview process like an assembly line. Same questions, leading to similar answers.

But try to embrace the differences. Each candidate will be motivated by slightly different factors. Some will be looking for the biggest paycheck, period. Some might want to learn new skills, or further their long-term careers. Others might be motivated by company culture and a good work environment.

Find out what is important to each individual candidate and tailor some of the questions and your responses to their concerns. It will deepen the personal connection and allow you to make a better pitch when it comes to offering the position.

Find Out What Else They Are Applying For

Think of job applicants as your industrial spies. They are going around to your competition, asking questions and hearing pitches. They are in a perfect position to give you information on what else is available in the marketplace.

So, ask appropriate questions. What else are they applying for? What have your other interviews been like? What has impressed you about other companies you have applied for? What about our company piqued your interest?

Their responses will help you calibrate your process generally and help you focus your pitch for the individual candidates.

Project into the Future

Don’t think about each prospect as filling the open position for which they are applying. Think of them as a team member. What other skills do they bring to the table? What could they grow into at the company?

Think about the candidates in the long term and conduct the interview accordingly. It will help you find the best overall candidate, and not just the one that fits in right now. Also, it will help project the sense you care about the prospects as individuals, which will set the proper tone for future conversations when things get more serious.

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