What to Do When You Can’t Fill a Job Order


If you are a staffing firm, you help companies get things done. That’s your basic mission. You are constantly providing the workers your clients need to make their production schedules. If they get surprise orders, you’re there with temporary help. If they are growing faster than expected, you’re there to fill in the gaps.

But what happens when the same thing happens to you?

Just like any other business, there will be times when a staffing company finds itself with more orders than it can fill. Gold stars for the marketing department, but now you find yourself in a difficult position.

Turn down a job order and you may never hear back from that client. You are opening the door for another agency to become their primary contact. But start sending substandard workers and you’re likely to lose the client anyway. Not only that, word of mouth will start to sour, and your overall reputation will take a hit.

What can you do? When your light industrial clients can’t make enough product for an order, they call you. Who do you call?

The answer is DHR.

If you are having trouble filling job orders, you need to find someone who can take on some of your extra volume. You need a staffing firm for your staffing firm.

This may sound like heresy, like Burger King filling orders with McDonald’s hamburgers. You didn’t work hard to get these job orders just to fill them using a competitor. You don’t want to let someone in the door who will just end up stealing your business.

The key is building a relationship with the right partner. DHR is that partner.

Here are three key reasons DHR makes sense as a supplement for your staffing needs when you are having trouble filling job orders:

  1. Big Enough Footprint

You need someone with the necessary size and scope to provide workers when you need them. You don’t want to call on someone, only to find out they are having trouble filling job orders too. DHR has an extensive network of potential workers, with a wide variety of skill sets. They can answer any call quickly with the people your clients are looking for.

  1. Highest Possible Standards

You need a partner of the highest quality. The reason you are building this relationship is to avoid lowering your standards and to protect your hard-won reputation. DHR has the well-trained, high-quality staffing options you will be proud to send to your customers.

  1. Long-Running Experience

You need someone with experience partnering with other staffing firms. The relationship should go smoothly, without misunderstandings or concerns that your new partner will eventually try to cut you out of the equation. DHR has an extensive history of working with other staffing agencies. Their long-running partner program has an established track record of excellence.

DHR can help guide you through the process, answering all your questions and detailing how they can provide the support you need to grow your business. Contact one of our friendly, knowledgeable staffing experts today to find out more about the program.

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