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The staffing industry is a complicated and diverse business. Working in a large metropolitan market, like the Houston area, it’s difficult to keep up with an evolving job market, driven by changing worker expectations and developing technology. It’s also challenging to have a fluid business environment, marked by shifting demands from clients about skill and training expectations.

Every workday brings up new questions: Focus on a niche, or attempt to cover the entire market? How can I meet demand most efficiently? How can I expand without taking on too much expense?

You’re not alone. DHR, Houston’s top staffing agency, offers a partner program that will help you enhance your market, without inflating your expenses. It also allows you to concentrate on your core competence without forcing you to give up on other opportunities.

It’s not always about beating the competition. Targeted collaboration can help grow your business while remaining true to your central brand.

No Need For ‘No’

Tired of declining potential business because you don’t have the resources to fill an order? Frustrated with the number of times you have to turn away opportunities because they fall outside your area of expertise? DHR’s partner program can eliminate the word “no” from your vocabulary.

Let us take on the assignments you would otherwise have to turn down. We have the resources and expertise to fill the orders you can’t. This lets you expand your business and extend your brand, without increasing your expenses.

A Boost for Business

Speaking of your expenses: Our partner program allows you to increase revenue without taking on extra expenses or stretching your resources. It also presents reputational benefits, allowing you to better service current clients and opening you up to a wider market.

When you get an assignment you can’t handle, simply pass that onto us. You’ll share in the revenue and we’ll take care of the placement.

This leads to immediate revenue opportunities. But it comes with long-term benefits as well. The additional client service will also help boost your reputation. You’ll see a wider client base and an improved footprint, leading to more business for your core business as well.

Focus on Your Core Competency

About that core business: You can build a lot of value from specialization. Part of what makes you a great company comes from your expertise and focus on a brand. You don’t want to abandon that to chase new markets.

The DHR partner program allows you to follow both paths simultaneously. Spend resources deepening your own core competency while holding onto clients from other areas. Far from becoming a distraction, the business you funnel into the partner program enables you to become an even stronger player in your area of focus.

To hear about additional benefits of the DHR partner program, contact us today!

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