Filling Job Orders Outside of Your Niche


You’ve worked hard – toiled long hours, spent copious amounts on promotion and advertising, painstakingly cultivated just the right kind of clientele – to build your staffing firm. You’ve created a strong brand and it’s getting good results. Almost too good.

You’ve done such an excellent job developing your brand that you’re getting work orders you can’t fill. You built a reputation on a targeted niche – spent time and effort cultivating that specialty. That business is going well. But you’re starting to get requests for other types of orders outside of your expertise.

You’re not sure what to do with these. None of options seem pleasant:

Fill these orders with not-quite-right workers and hope for the best?

That seems like it will only hurt your reputation in the long term.

Start expanding your business to cater to the new clients?

That’s going to take time and money, and it might distract you from the core niche that made you so successful in the first place.

Turn business away?

That certainly can’t be the right move.

So, what to do?

DHR can help. DHR has developed an industry-leading partner program, designed to help staffing firms diversify their business without forcing them to take on additional expenses.

The partner program allows you to say “yes” to almost any client, even if their request falls outside your normal specialty. It represents the perfect way to grow your business outside its current confines.

Here’s how it works: When you get a work order you don’t usually handle, DHR’s partner program will staff it for you. You keep part of the revenue and maintain the connection to that client. The partner network finds the talent you need. Meanwhile, you increase your client base and boost your revenue stream (without adding expenses).

The benefits go beyond those stray opportunities outside your niche. Not only can DHR’s partner program increase your client base, it can also improve your relationship with your current clients.

Customers who previously used multiple staffing agencies for their various types of niche professionals can now look to you as a one-stop shop. It provides a more convenient experience for them and more opportunities for you. Instantly become a diversified staffing behemoth, without the additional employees or additional headaches.

Meanwhile, you can continue to concentrate on your original specialty, allowing you to become an even stronger player in your chosen niche.

Don’t turn away clients outside your chosen niche. Instead, use those requests to build a larger client base, improve your relationships with your current clients and generate additional revenue. Contact DHR today to learn more details about their partner program.

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