Micromanagement is Holding Your Team Back


You know you aren’t supposed to micromanage, but you can’t help yourself. You see little things you can improve, and you feel compelled to step in.

However, you’re only hurting yourself. It may seem like you’re pushing everyone else closer to perfection, but you’re really pushing them further away. You’re undermining team spirit and wasting precious resources when there are more important projects demanding your time.

Need more convincing? Here are three reasons your micromanaging is holding your team back rather than pushing it forward:

Hurts Morale

Micromanagement fosters exactly the wrong emotions, creating an environment of mistrust and alienating your workers. You don’t mean to hurt feelings or undermine a team atmosphere. You just want the task completed properly.

However, there’s a better way to get there. Lay out guidelines detailing how tasks should be done, and then step back. Allow your employees to get things done without you hovering.

If the result is acceptable, you can move on to other things. If performance is subpar, you may need to tweak the guidelines. By making the process a team effort and focusing on the quality of the outcome, you build a collaborative atmosphere and encourage morale.

Wastes Your Time

You have employees for a reason. But if you spend all your time overseeing them, or even doing their work for them, you don’t have time to do your job and important tasks get ignored.

By giving your workers more leeway on their own tasks, you open your schedule to concentrate on other projects. This gives you more time with customers, and to plan and develop efficiency improvements. Ultimately, these will trickle down to your front-line employees and output will be much higher (and of better quality) than if you spent all your time nitpicking individual tasks.

Stifles Innovation

Micromanagement is inherently focused on today. You’re trying to perfect your product and your current process. Instead you should be looking over the horizon, working on getting that next best idea and developing it.

Your partners in this process: your employees. You never know where a great idea will come from, and by making your employees responsible for their own output, you encourage them to make incremental improvements. They might find changes or suggest improvements you’d never think of.

It’s easy to step away from the day-to-day process when you have employees you trust. Avoiding micromanagement becomes simple when you have stellar workers who get the tasks done on their own.

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