What Is the Staffing Partners Program?


Think about how your staffing business works. You become part of your client’s network of outside help, providing them the benefit of your specialized services while allowing them to focus on their core business. Imagine if someone could do the same thing for you.

That’s the DHR Staffing Partners Program. It’s staffing help for firms that provide staffing help, giving you the opportunity to extend your business without expanding your expenses.

In short: The DHR Staffing Partners Program lets you increase your profits, without forcing you to add staff or stretch your current resources. More money … no extra work.

Say you receive a work order outside your usual niche. Usually, you’d have to turn that client away. Not anymore. With our partner program, DHR allows you to fulfill that request.

DHR will send the appropriate worker to satisfy the client. They will take care of hiring and management – all the effort and headaches stay with them. Meanwhile, they give you part of the revenue generated from the order.

It’s like a safety valve for your order flow. Too many orders this month? DHR can help. Unusual order you don’t normally handle? DHR can help. Picky client has already run through all the options you can offer? DHR can help.

But building your business is a long-term enterprise. By relying on the DHR Staffing Partner Program, are you just seizing a small short-term benefit at the cost of long-term revenue? Wouldn’t you just be better off growing your business internally, on your own?

It’s important to remember the benefits of the program are multilayered. It doesn’t just help you today. It helps you build your business long term.

In the near term, you get revenue from an assignment you would otherwise have to turn away. You’re turning what might otherwise represent wasted time into additional cash.

That’s layer #1: Extra revenue boost in the short term.

Next, you begin a relationship with a new client you wouldn’t otherwise have. Without the DHR program, you would have sheepishly turned the customer down, maybe even referred them to another firm. Now you can confidently take them on. And the next time they are looking for someone inside your specialty, you’ll have first shot.

That’s layer #2: Opportunity to expand your client base.

Meanwhile, the DHR program offers long-term benefits as well. As your list of satisfied customers grow, you get the benefit of word of mouth and friendly recommendations. Every new client is an entry into a network of suppliers, vendors, customers and friends. A good performance now can lead to more business down the road.

That’s layer #3: Reputational benefits that can build your business long term.

Still have questions? DHR’s expert and friendly staff will happily walk you through all details of the Staffing Partner Program. Contact them today to find out more.

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