Are You Turning Away Business?


The most painful words in any business: “No, sorry, we don’t do that.” A potential customer comes to you, ready to buy, and you have to turn them away. It’s like watching money walk out the door.

Sound familiar? Probably, because this is a common situation in the staffing business. Most organizations specialize in certain niches or can only handle a certain level of business. Yet, inevitably, people find you asking for a work order that you can’t handle.

But there’s nothing you can do, right? Just sad-face emoji yourself internally and move on…

Not quite…DHR can help. DHR’s partner program allows you to turn that “no” into an emphatic “yes!”

Here’s how the program works:

Someone comes in asking for a work order outside your usual niche. You take the job. You then contact DHR to staff the order. They send the appropriate worker. You collect the revenue, send DHR its share of the proceeds and keep the rest for you. Meanwhile, the client gets a first-rate staffer who can help their business grow and opens the door for a long-term future relationship with you.

There are many ancillary benefits to using the partner program. First, it allows you to expand your capacity without committing additional resources. Spur growth without taking on additional expense.

Second (and possibly most importantly), you expand beyond your limited specialty. You’re now a one-stop, integrated, full-service shop. But without the cost or the growing pains involved in trying to reach the necessary size and scope to achieve that goal on your own.

The third benefit has a longer time horizon. DHR’s program gives you significant marketing advantages. You maintain the relationship with the client. This gives you first dibs on any future business from the client – including work orders that fit in your current niche (which you can service on your own).

You also receive a major reputational boost.

When you cater only to a limited niche, there’s a danger of being labeled “small time.” You know the benefits of specialization – the extra service and the added expertise you can bring to your field of focus. But other people might misinterpret. When a business asks for help and hears the word “no,” it can easily become a “no” forever. Even when they have something in your field, that “no” might resonate in their memories.

With the DHR program, they never hear that “no.” Down the road, when they have a work order that fits you perfectly, you can reap 100 percent of the profits from that. Meanwhile, that client creates strong word-of-mouth for you within the business community. Suddenly you are getting recommendations for all types of business, when before you were known as that “small time” shop that had to turn everyone away.

Interested in further information? Contact DHR today. One of the company’s expert staff members can detail all the ways the partner program can help you say “yes” to all your prospective clients.

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