Benefits of Partnering With a Recruiter


One of your carefully chosen, painstakingly groomed employees has decided to go back to school. Besides the personal blow of seeing her leave, you’re stuck with the prospect of trying to replace her. It’s happening. Your least favorite task: You’re going to have run a job search.

Your eyes narrow and your stomach turns as you consider the prospect of running through the dozens, if not hundreds of resumes you’ll have to read. You feel the beginning of a stress headache twinge at your temples as you foresee the hours and hours of dull, repetitive interviews you’ll have to conduct.

Isn’t there a better way?

Yes, in fact, there is. Using a recruiting firm allows you to skip the unpleasant task of seeking out new employees on your own. Besides saving you the personal trauma of having to coordinate the job effort yourself, there are several important business reasons why a recruiting firm represents a good choice for your staffing needs.

Save Money

Conducting job searches can be expensive and time-consuming. Most of that cost is pointless. You sift through a lot of terrible resumes, interview a lot of unsuitable candidates, and contact references and do follow-up research on a lot of prospects you don’t end up hiring.

Working with a recruiter eliminates this waste. The recruiter has already targeted the right resumes and done the appropriate due diligence. They allow you to streamline the process.

Don’t Waste Resources

You don’t just measure waste in terms of money. You must account for lost time and lost opportunity. Those long, Frodo-esque odysseys into the dark heart of job recruitment burn up plenty of intangible resources as well.

Using a recruiter limits these losses. Engaging a staffing firm allows you to shorten the time needed to bring in a recruit, letting you and your staff get back to your jobs .

More Time for Internal Projects

Speaking of running your company … Eliminating the opportunity costs of a job search opens all sorts of possibilities. You can spend more time on internal projects, improving profitability and increasing sales.

In addition, using a recruiter makes quick expansion more possible. You can bring in new workers faster, turning them from prospects to contributing employees in a shorter time. You can also scale up this expansion, adding multiple employees at once. Meanwhile, by using temps you can add flexibility, engaging workers when you need them to complete projects.

Better Outcomes/Less Risk

Recruiters are constantly searching for and vetting new talent. They can bring economies of scales and state-of-the-art best practices to the pursuit. All of this helps develop better candidates.

Moreover, if a hire happens to turn sour, a recruiter can rectify the situation much more quickly. You don’t have to start over. The infrastructure a staffing firm has in place dramatically lowers the risk of a bad hire.

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