Getting Buried in Unfilled Job Orders?


Call it one of those good problems. Like a dinner menu with too many delicious options or receiving more party invitations than you can possibly accept. Except, in this case, your staffing company has been inundated with job orders.

As a business, it means something is working. Your marketing has gained traction and your brand has developed some pull. You could be on the path to something special.

But now you’re in a precarious position, and you might need help to get the most out of the situation.

A Critical Time

Unlike the crowded menu or the overbooked evening, making the wrong choice at this critical juncture in the development of your business could have serious long-term consequences. You’re overwhelmed with orders now, but this opportunity might not come again. You must handle it right.

Turn away a client and they’ll find another go-to provider. You might not get another chance to bring them onboard.

But take on more than you can handle, and you won’t be able to give any of your clients the service they deserve. You might end up losing out on the new business eventually anyway, as they grow frustrated with your lack of care. Meanwhile, you might also see several established clients head for the door as the quality of your service slips.

DHR’s Partners Program to The Rescue!

The DHR Partners Program offers the perfect solution to your overflow problem. It allows you to handle an unexpected influx of job orders, without increasing expenses or passing up long-term business.

Under the Partners Program, you just contact DHR if you receive an order you can’t handle. They will provide the appropriate worker to fulfill a client, while you keep part of the revenue and maintain the long-term relationship with the client.

It allows you to take on additional business (along with the additional revenue that entails). But you don’t have to take on additional expense, additional risk or additional headaches.

A Perfect Way to Grow

It would be nice if you could grow your business in safe, predictable patterns. Unfortunately, it often happens in sudden spurts, and the arrival of new business can happen in unexpected waves.

It’s difficult enough getting potential customers to contact you in the first place. Don’t put yourself in a position where you’re forced to turn them away.

The DHR Partners Program acts as a safety valve when your business starts to run too hot. It allows you to stick to your long-term plan without having to sacrifice those unexpected windfalls that can come along the way.

Need more information? The expert staff at DHR is waiting to answer any question! Contact them today to find out how the DHR Partners Program can help your business grow in a healthy, sustainable way.

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