Attracting Passive Job Seekers


You’ve heard the old sales adage: ABC – Always Be Closing. There’s a similar one you can use for HR: ABR – Always Be Recruiting.

You don’t want to rely on the potential recruits available when you have a position to fill. To build the best possible team, you should constantly look to bring in new talent.

But how? Without the formal recruitment process, how do you bring in these passive job seekers? How do you attract people who aren’t actively looking for a position?

First off, make your company a place where people want to work. Build a strong culture and provide a supportive, caring environment.

Second, let people know about your strong culture and supportive environment. Here are five steps you can take to let people know about your company and draw in passive job seekers:

Social Media

Your company probably already leverages social media for advertising purposes. Take the platform beyond the task of drawing in customers and use it to attract potential hires.

The good thing about social media: it’s cheap. You can use many of the same outlets you use for marketing. Just expand your use to include posts that emphasize the strong culture at the company and the value you bring to employees.

Double Duty

Advertising the strong company culture comes with a side benefit. The same qualities that attract passive job seekers will impress prospective clients as well. Everyone wants to be in business with a company with strong values and a meaningful mission.

Also, the happy, outgoing employees who make attractive co-workers for potential job candidates signal strong customer service for prospective clients.

Expand Your Presence

Beyond leveraging your current social media presence, attracting job candidates may require you to branch out. There are many social media platforms dedicated to career enhancement. LinkedIn is the most prominent example, but it is far from the only choice.

Research which outlet best serves the positions you are recruiting for. From there, it’s just a matter of expanding your social media universe to these areas.

Networking IRL

You can make some progress selling the company on your own. You can use your own LinkedIn account and your personal social media.

But don’t limit yourself to online promotion. You can use your general networking skills as well.

Next time you’re at an industry event, don’t just look for potential clients or prospective future opportunities for yourself, keep an eye out for potential employees. Save business cards and stay in touch with the most promising candidates. By building relationships with top prospects, you can play the long game in your recruitment efforts.

Employee Referral Programs

Your personal networking efforts will only go so far. If you really want to jumpstart a passive candidate recruitment campaign, include others as well. Set up a referral program that rewards employees for finding good candidates. Turn them into your salespeople for future employees.

If you’re dedicated to constant recruitment, partner with a first-rate staffing firm. DHR can help you bring in the best workers whenever you need them. Contact them today to learn more.

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