Work Together to Fill Job Orders


Think about when you propose your staffing services to clients. You probably use a pitch similar to this one: “Don’t try to do it on your own…it’s easier with a partner.”

The same advice can hold for you as a company.

If you try to take on the recruiting industry completely on your own, you can run into a lot of obstacles. Not enough job orders. Too many job orders. Job orders outside your specialty.

However, just like you tell your clients, partnering with someone else can make navigating a complicated industry much easier. By joining a partner program, you can lower risks, increase revenue and focus on your main growth prospects.

You Don’t Have to Turn Away Business

A sudden rush of orders comes in. You don’t have the staff or the infrastructure to handle it all. Under normal circumstances, you’d have to turn business away.

That’s revenue you’re giving up and a potential long-term client you’re sending out the door. You also risk developing a reputation as someone who can’t handle certain requests. Business can suffer in ways you don’t even realize.

But there is another option.

When you belong to a network of recruiters, you have help when you get inundated with orders. Your partners allow you to absorb the additional business, filling the orders you couldn’t otherwise handle. In addition, you continue to manage the client, building a long-time relationship in the process, while still keeping some of the cash from the initial order.

A New Source of Revenue

Imagine getting a job order without having to do any of the legwork. No marketing. No sales job. Basically, you just have to answer a call.

That becomes a possibility when you’re part of a strong partnership network. When another partner receives a work order they can’t fill in your specialty, they will divert the opportunity to you. You fill the request and collect your share of the revenue.

It’s an easy and convenient way to increase your incoming funds, without forcing you to expand your marketing efforts or your sales staff.

Concentrate on Your Niche

Trying to handle too much can pull attention away from your main business. To succeed, you need to differentiate yourself from the competition. Take too many job orders outside your specialty and you risk spreading yourself too thin.

A partner program minimizes this risk. When a request comes in that is outside of your niche, you can count on your partners to fill the order. It frees you up from expending valuable resources to accommodate something outside your expertise.

The resources you save can then get reinvested in your core business – a core business that gets a boost from the incoming orders sent to you from the partner program. It’s a two-pronged approach. You avoid wasting time and money on non-essential tasks. At the same time, your focus area gets fed additional resources through the relationships you develop as part of the partnership.

Start reaping the benefits of a strong partnership alliance today. Contact DHR to find out more.

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