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You’ll learn this from any basic management book, but it bears repeating as a starting point here: The key to success in any business comes from having a differentiating factor, something that makes you special. It’s as true for staffing firms as it is for any other industry; having a niche gives you an edge.

No argument here on the basic truth of this premise. But there’s a catch. Specialization might drive success, but growth represents the goal of any business owner. That leads to a key tension.

Age-old business wisdom says: Focus on your core competency. In short, go small. Meanwhile, the central engine of business decision-making comes from a desire to increase revenue and profit. In short, get as big as possible.

See the conundrum? How do you focus on your specialty, while still remaining open to wider business opportunities? How do you stay small, focused and concentrated while simultaneously building an ever-expanding footprint?

Joining a partner program helps break out of this philosophical loop.

You’ve worked hard to develop a useful niche. You’ve built a loyal, dedicated client base, but you still dream of pushing past your cramped confines. A specialty makes you what you are. But it can be limiting. By teaming with other companies with different specialties, everyone’s limits expand. You each become better.

Think about it: You constantly stress to clients the importance of teamwork, how a diverse set of skills within a company leads to better outcomes. Take your own advice. A partner network, like the one led by DHR, allows you to benefit from that same kind of teamwork.

You extend your reach without adding expenses and while remaining focused on your core competency. The increased revenue you earn from the partner program and the additional clients you are able to service help support your main efforts. Rather than a distraction or a dilution, the added business becomes a tool to strengthen your specialty.

Here’s how DHR’s partner program works

A client requests a job order outside your specialty. Or you get a prospective client who is looking for a type of worker you don’t have on your rolls. If you’re part of DHR’s wide partnership program, you don’t have to turn them down.

You call on your partners for help. They’ll find the perfect fit for the work order. You keep some of the revenue and maintain your link to the customer.

In this way, you can deepen your relationship with your customers or build connections with new ones. Meanwhile, you increase revenue and your staff can stay focused on your core competency.

It gives you the best of both worlds. You can concentrate on your niche. You get to stay small, exploiting your differentiating factor for all its worth. But you also continue to expand, driving the growth that’s key to long-term business success.

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