Is Your Talent Pool Too Shallow?


It’s a problem and a dilemma, all wrapped up in the shape of a success.

You get a lucrative work order, one that would normally send you out after work to celebrate. There’s a problem, though: Your talent pool is tapped out. You’ve already placed your best workers and you don’t have the right candidate for the new request.

What do you do? Turn down the order and watch a potential high-revenue client find someone else to fill their needs? Send someone you know is underqualified and risk ruining your long-term reputation?

There doesn’t appear to be a lot of good options. You seem to have stumbled into a frustrating and tantalizing trap: You’ve enticed a client in the door that you can’t adequately serve. You’ve discovered the hard way that your talent pool is too shallow. You need to deepen it, but you don’t have much time and you don’t have the resources for a grand expansion.

There is a way out, one that allows you to increase revenue, impress your client and avoid costly ad hoc expansion.

DHR to the Rescue

DHR has the perfect solution. It’s called the Staffing Partners Program, allowing you to tap into a network of recruiters led by a leader in the staffing industry.

It works like this: If you receive a work order you can’t accommodate, simply call DHR. We tap into our partner program to find the perfect worker to fill the order.

DHR takes on the responsibility of hiring and managing the temporary employee. Meanwhile, you are able to hold on to a portion of the revenue, building out your business without putting additional burden on your resources.

Benefits of the Staffing Partners Program

The DHR SPP allows you to deepen the talent pool you have available to fill job orders. It makes you more useful to your current clients and more attractive to new prospects.

By tapping into the wide variety of specialties represented by the partners program, you can accommodate any request, no matter how specific the required skill set or how esoteric the position. It also lets you fill the orders quickly, providing your client as little lag time as possible.

Beyond the extension of your available talent, the SPP provides a number of general advantages. It allows you to grow revenue without taking on additional expenses. The program also allows you to focus on your core specialty, becoming the go-to provider in your central area of concentration.

Meanwhile, belonging to the SPP opens your main business to a wider market. If another member of the program needs a worker in your area of expertise, you have the opportunity of filling that order.

DHR’s partners program allows you to solve the conundrum of having too many orders than you can fill. Contact DHR today to find out more details.

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