Tips for Motivating People in Different Ways


Any teacher will tell you kids learn in different ways. Some learn best through reading. Some are audio learners. Others get more out visual presentations.

Kids grow up. Eventually, they end up with bills and a mortgage … some of them working for you in order to pay those bills and mortgages. But the differences remain.

Take motivation. Like the different learning styles they had as kids, your workers will respond to different incentives. Some get spurred to exceptional work through the promise of money. Some find inspiration in the expectation of career advancement. Others have more emotion-based drivers.

Tapping into each person’s specific motivation helps your team reach its peak performance. With that in mind, here are six distinct types of workers and how best to motivate them:

The Paycheck Player

Some people only work for money. You can’t really criticize them. Would you show up tomorrow if you weren’t getting paid?

You can call a paycheck player narrow-minded, or you can say they have their eyes on the prize. Either way, you can’t stoke their interest without additional compensation: raises, bonuses and extra benefits.

The Big Dreamer

These workers go to sleep dreaming of sitting in the CEO chair. They may spend their days collating copies, but they see themselves delivering Tim Cook-style stage presentations sometime in the next 10 years.

Less interested in their current compensation, these workers will put in extra effort for the promise of advancement. They target promotions, so any hint in that direction will get them hustling.

The Scholar

Work isn’t just a place to pick up a paycheck or a stepping stone for something better down the road. It’s also a place to learn.

The Scholar represents a type of worker who values the ability to pick up new skills or try new things. They are first in line for travel. They are always bothering you to send them to a training course or for certification. Just putting them in a new environment can get them to raise their games.

The Giver

These workers enjoy helping out, and gain energy from feeling appreciated. They don’t need as many material rewards, but they respond well to emotional encouragement.

These workers thrive with additional attention and inspiration. You can get the most out of them by investing some personal time and peppering them with kind words.

The Network Hub

Some people like to be the center of the action. They have to know everyone and operate best when they are the hub of communication.

You can spark next-level effort from these workers by making them the information gatherers. They react best in social situations, so they can provide the glue between projects, or make strong liaisons with clients and suppliers.

The Catalyst

Not every worker receives their motivation from you. Rather than finding inspiration from anything management can do for them, these ultimate team players mainly draw their next-level energy from their co-workers.

The Catalyst loves to feel like part of the team. Their ultimate reward is the respect of those around them and the joys of group success. They are perfect for project leadership positions and peer committees.

Inspiring your team becomes easier when you have the right workers. A strong mix of various personalities leads to improved productivity and a better culture. Working with the right staffing firm, like DHR, can assure you have the right team in place.

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