How to Handle Too Many Job Orders With Limited Resources


All business decisions come down to questions of resource allocation. You want to make as much as you can with as little cost as possible … that’s the fundamental goal of any manager.

It’s true everywhere. If you’re making cars, you want to use as little steel as you can, as little plastic or rubber, as few worker hours as you can get away with. Same with oil drilling, or making video games, or delivering pizzas, or offering hot air balloon rides.

And the same holds true for the staffing industry. You want to fill as many job orders as possible without ramping up your costs.

But what happens when the resource-to-order mix gets out of whack? What happens when you have more orders than you can handle?

The answers to these questions are complex, yet central to your ability to help your clients as much as possible without jeopardizing your business. Luckily, DHR has a solution that lets you keep your expenses under control while still providing all the service your clients need.

Feast or Famine

The problem in making these judgments comes from the variability of job order flow. Customers don’t call you in a steady, predictable pattern. They call you when they need you. It can be feast or famine.

Invest enough resources to take care of the heaviest influx of orders, and you end up having staff members sitting around most of the time. However, prepare only for the amount of business you can expect under normal circumstances and you might miss out on an opportunity.

You may end up turning clients down, missing out on potential long-term revenue drivers. Or you create situations where your current customers need to engage another recruiter to fill certain orders. That’s a dangerous scenario – like letting your spouse go out on first dates with other people. Eventually, you’re opening the door to the competition.

DHR’s Partner Program Bridges the Gap

Enter DHR, with their Staffing Partners Program. The SPP provides a safety valve for those times when your resources are stretched to the limit.

Under the SPP, if a work order comes in that you can’t handle, you simply contact DHR. We can activate our partner network, locating the ideal worker to fulfill the order.

The responsibility for hiring the worker and managing them during their tenure at the client falls to DHR. You don’t have to invest any resources in the process. However, you receive a portion of the revenue generated by the work order.

The arrangement allows you to boost revenues without taking on additional costs. You are also able to keep risk under control because DHR handles the day-to-day management of orders filled using the partner program.

With DHR’s SPP, you never have to turn down new customers again. What’s more, you can become the go-to provider for your existing clients, able to fill any request they have almost instantly.

By signing up for the partner program, you no longer have to worry about getting too much business. You can relax, knowing that DHR’s SPP can help you fill any job order you receive, no matter how much volume you have to handle.

Contact DHR today to learn more about how to fill those piling-up job orders.

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