5 Apps You Should Be Using on Your Break


Candy Crush. Subway Surfers. PUBG MOBILE. Clash of Clans. We know the apps you usually log onto when you get a few minutes of rest at work. You want to turn your brain off and spend a few minutes staring at colorful shapes and poking absent-mindedly at the screen.

Games provide a fun and relaxing way to put work out of your consciousness. But, as pleasant as they are at passing the time, games don’t provide the best use of your break. You can leverage the lull in your day to improve your mind, engage your soul, or help set up the rest of your schedule.

Whatever your preference, cyberspace has you covered. Like the old ad used to say: “there’s an app for that.” Here are five apps that can help you get the most out of your break time:

Improve Your Brain – Lumosity

Everyone wants to get smarter…or at least not get any dumber. Why not use your few minutes of downtime to pump up your brain?

A litany of apps exist for mental workouts, usually consisting of quick brain teasers and problem-solving tests. The most famous of these is Lumosity. Launched in 2007, it promises to improve your memory and problem-solving skills, along with a host of other positive mental strengthening results.

Learn Something – Blinkist

Lumosity and its competitors look to improve your general brain power. But if you want to expand your breadth of knowledge, Blinkist gives you a leg up.

The app provides 15-minute summaries of popular non-fiction books. You can blow through one or two during a single break time, letting you digest the key insights from important works, and allowing you to keep pace with your well-read friends.

Find Your Center – Calm

Work can be hectic. Your break might represent your only time out of the rat race the entire shift. Use the brief respite to clear your head and find some moments of tranquility.

Calm represents one of the most highly-rated meditation apps. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to turn your break into a quick meditation session. You can choose the length of time for your meditation, and (if you have some privacy) the app includes choices of calming sounds and voiceovers.

Get Revved Up – OfficeFit

Maybe your problem isn’t too much action at work. Maybe your problem is that you tend to get worn down as the day grinds along. By break time, your energy levels have tanked and you always spend the last part of a shift dragging.

There’s no better way to get going than with a quick exercise routine. OfficeFit provides simple workouts you can do while on the job (without too much embarrassment or sweating). It also allows you to set personal goals and even create challenges with coworkers.

Keep Productive – Hours

Some people can’t stop working, even on their breaks. If that describes you, spending some time with a productivity app might actually define your idea of “fun.”

Hours lets you keep track of multiple responsibilities while assigning levels of priority. You can set notifications to remind you of important deadlines. You can also easily juggle lots of tasks at once and follow the progress of long-term projects.

Your whole workday can feel like a break if you have a job you love. Working with a top-flight recruiter, like DHR, can help you achieve that feeling.

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