How to Make Onboarding More Enjoyable


New jobs should be exciting, for everyone involved. The fresh recruits are entering thrilling and uncharted phases of their careers. Meanwhile, you’ve finished a tedious hiring process, ready to take advantage of the productivity and output promised by the incoming employees.

One catch, though…one downer marring the hiring excitement: the onboarding process. Or, to use its full title: the boring, tedious, droning onboarding process.

But the training and paperwork-gathering necessary at the start of a new employee’s tenure don’t have to be a complete buzzkill. There are ways to provide a more positive experience.

By eliminating the drudgery of the typical onboarding process, you can increase training effectiveness, speed team building, and form a lasting bond between your new employee and the company. Here are some ways to make the procedure more enjoyable:

Make “Pre-Boarding” Connections

Just like airlines have a pre-boarding system to make the act of getting on the plane go more smoothly, you can speed the training process by beginning activities before the actual start date. Get the paperwork out of the way. Distribute the employee handbook and other materials. Also, stay in contact with your new hire.

You can get some of the more boring aspects out of the way, and form a relationship that can make the first few days of the incoming employee’s tenure more enjoyable for both of you.

Make the Recruit Feel Welcome

You can set a positive tone early in the onboarding process by hosting a small welcome party. Make a little fuss over the hire, introduce them to the office, offer them some swag and provide some treats.

The welcome event might take a half hour away from the nitty-gritty of training. But it will inject a positive vibe and create a good memory of the process as a whole.

Have a Clear Schedule

The early stages of a new position can be disorienting. Even things like finding the bathroom can become potential adventures. By eliminating uncertainty, you can smooth out the process and dial down the recruit’s anxiety.

Provide a clear outline of what the onboarding process will entail, and outline the precise steps they will take. (It couldn’t hurt to include a map – with bathrooms clearly marked – as well.) The increased transparency will ease the negative emotions that come with a new job.

Assign a Buddy

New hires get shy about asking questions. They don’t want to embarrass themselves in front of their new bosses and they don’t know any of their other coworkers well. So, they try to figures things out themselves. This can impede training and make for a frustrating experience for the incoming employee.

By assigning a mentor, you can eliminate this problem. The incoming employee can approach a peer (rather than having to direct questions toward a manager). It also decreases the social anxiety often inherent in a new situation.

Include Social Activities

Speaking of the social aspects of the job…onboarding provides a good opportunity to integrate new hires into the corporate culture. You can also use the time to help them build relationships with their new coworkers.

As such, include social functions as part of the onboarding process. Host a happy hour. Provide a special lunch. Include get-to-know-you games in the itinerary. The events will make the operation more fun, and will provide an early team-building opportunity.

Onboarding gets easier (and more enjoyable) when you have a great crop of workers coming into your company. The right team member can make any process better.

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