Looking to Save Money on Hiring? Look at Your Talent Pool!


The process of finding the perfect fit for your business is expensive and difficult. Each time you need to fill a position, you start from scratch. You go cross-eyed reading resumes and hoarse talking to potential candidates. All the while, you’re losing time and money that could be spent driving long-term growth.

However, given how often you’re forced to go through the process, there is a way to cut corners. Why not skip some of the earlier steps and dip directly into the talent pool you’ve already scouted?

By going back to candidates you’ve met in previous job searches, you streamline the process. It allows you to save money and avoid the time-suck that otherwise comes from starting a recruitment endeavor.

Pre-Screened Candidates

A key annoyance related to job searches comes from the endless sifting through resumes. By dipping into a previous talent pool, you get to skip this step. You’ve already sorted the resumes and picked out your favorites. You should have a list of “nearly got hired” to start from.

Second Best Is Far from Bad

Hiring decisions often come down to relatively small tiebreakers. Many candidates will have similar qualifications, equivalent backgrounds, and interchangeable skill sets. It means that the final decision often come as a squeaker. Turning to your second choice on a list like that is hardly a major step down.

Foundations for a Relationship Already Built

One issue with new hires: they tend to be strangers. The beginning of a new tenure often involves the awkward getting-to-know-you phase. You can skip this by turning to previous candidates.

You’ve already formed at least the beginnings of a relationship with the people in your talent pool. You’ve met them. You’ve talk to them on the phone. You corresponded by email. You probably even skimmed their social media output. In short, you have already built an early bond, and can skip to a more substantial phase in your interactions.

Stay in Touch

Along these lines, don’t lose touch with the promising candidates you had to turn down. If you find somebody special, even if they don’t fit in with the company’s current plans, nurture a relationship with them.

Stay in touch by email. Periodically check in, find out what they’re doing, and let them know how you’ve been. Follow them on social media encourage them to follow the company. That way, when a spot opens up, you can turn to them quickly. You’ll know their situation and have an established relationship.

Consider Contract Assignments

Beyond a sustained informal bond, look for ways to develop a professional relationship as well. Set up contracting assignments with your best prospects, so that you can keep them close to the company.

Use the gig economy to help you recruit. Even if your long-term goal is to scout for full-time employees, maintaining some contract assignments allows you to develop the equivalent of a minor-league organization. When the time comes, you can call them up to The Show.

Another way to skip the dreary early steps of the hiring process? Using a top-flight recruiter, like DHR. They will give you access to an even larger talent pool than you can build on your own, allowing you to save money and staff more quickly when you have a position to fill.

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