How to Make More Money by Doing Less Work


You’ve meticulously crafted a thriving recruiting business. Step by careful step, you’ve built your business, investing both time and money, sacrificing vacations, hobbies, and precious moments with your family.

You’d like to see it grow even more, but an additional push comes with huge potential downsides. You’re just not sure you can make the additional sacrifice needed to fuel that next stage of growth.

After all, expansion involves a complicated calculus. You want the higher revenue that comes with more clients and a broader reach. However, you shy away from the added effort, the added responsibility, and the added cost that comes with it.

If only there was a way to do both. If only there was a way to spur further expansion, without taking on the added commitment, both of time and money. In other words, if only there was a way to make more and work less.

DHR has a solution.

Drive Growth with DHR’s Partner Program

DHR’s Staffing Partners Program allows you to expand your reach without committing extra resources. It’s the perfect way to add to your client base, increase your revenues, and broaden your business model…all without resorting to 20-hour work days or taking on the risk of an expensive expansion effort that could endanger the current business you’ve worked so hard to build.

Here’s how it works:

You receive a work order you can’t fill. Either you’re at the end of your general capacity, or the order calls for a type of worker that you don’t provide. Instead of turning down the client, you tap into the Staffing Partners network.

Now, DHR takes over. They fill the order, taking responsibility for finding and managing the worker during their tenure with the company. Meanwhile, you get a portion of the revenue. Plus, you maintain contact with the client.

A Low-Impact Way to Expand

DHR’s Staffing Partners Program helps you drive revenue growth, without additional work or hassle. The partner program lets you sidestep the usual barriers to expansion. You no longer have to worry about things like not having a large enough staff, or having a talent pool that is too shallow for your client base. DHR becomes your cheat code for all those usual limitations.

Normally, when you get work orders that are beyond your capacity, you have to turn the client away. They seek out another staffing agency and you likely lose them forever.

With DHR, you get the immediate revenue from the current work order. Plus, you keep the client. By being able to say “yes” to any request a client can throw at you, you become their go-to staffing agency, securing a long-term relationship and opening the door to even more revenue in the future.

The Staffing Partners Program represents your best chance for a low-impact expansion. Get all the benefits of growth, with none of the downsides. Work less. Make more. The best of both worlds.

Want more information about how the Staffing Partners Program can help you expand? Contact DHR for more information.

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