Gain a Work-Life Balance by Considering Temporary Work


Getting a full-time job is like entering a long-term monogamous relationship. You now have a lot of responsibility…and a big demand on your time and loyalty.

Of course, you might already have a real long-term relationship (like with an actual person). Or you might have kids. Or pets. Or time-consuming hobbies (hey, your book club isn’t going to schedule itself, and you’re the only one of your friends who can figure out how to conduct the online fantasy football draft).

Finding a work-life balance with a broad set of competing responsibilities can be tough, especially if one of those includes a full-time job. Temporary work might offer a solution. It provides additional flexibility and long-term benefits that give it an edge over many dead-end full-time situations.

Here are some of the specific ways temporary work can help you gain a proper work-life balance:


Temporary work can offer significant flexibility. You are better able to find placements that fit into the contours of your overall lifestyle.

Evening shift work better for your family? Can you only work four days a week? Temp positions can help you tailor your work life to the demands of your overall needs.

Learning Opportunities

Building a career consists of learning and developing new skills. If you’re stuck in the same position day-after-day and year-after-year, it’s hard to nurture a diverse set of abilities.

Temporary work solves that problem. You can take on different challenging assignments, learning new skills and competencies along the way. Ultimately, it will increase market demand for what you have to offer, giving you more long-term career options.

More Information

Going into a company represents an act of blind faith. You get some info from a website and a couple of interactions with management during the interview process, but, in general, you don’t know much going in.

When you go the temporary route, your recruiting partner will have much more information about the employers you’ll be working with. They have experience with each company on their roster. As such, they can place you in situations where you make a better fit. Meanwhile, they can advise you on the best way to thrive at any given company.

Try Before You Buy

Decent products come with a free trial period. Any good consumer knows that purchasing something “as is” leads to a high risk of disappointment. However, that’s just what employers ask when they make a job offer.

Temporary work provides the equivalent of a try-before-you-buy guarantee. If you don’t like a position or feel it won’t advance your career, you can request a new assignment. You can continue to change positions as needed until you find the perfect fit for your needs.

Keep Moving Forward

Finding long-term work/life balance means being able to adjust your career situation to changes in your lifestyle. What made sense for you as a single person just out of school might not work once you have a family and have progressed in your professional ambitions.

Temporary work allows you to change as your lifestyle evolves. When you need more time with your family, you can find positions that offer that freedom. When you need an influx of cash, you can find positions that will offer you additional hours.

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