Balancing Hiring Quickly and for Quality


You need someone now. Let’s face it, you needed them last week. Now it’s a crisis. Projects are backing up, paperwork is mounting, and clients are starting to complain.

But you’re nervous about fast-tracking the hiring process. What if you go to quickly and bring in someone unqualified? Things would be even worse than they are now (if that seems possible).

Of course, your main goal in any hiring process is to find the best candidate. But long, drawn-out processes don’t guarantee a perfect result. Meanwhile, every moment spent finding a person costs valuable resources and puts you further behind on other projects

The key is finding the right balance. Here are a few tips for straddling the line between hiring quickly and finding the perfect fit:

Streamline Decision Making

Many of the delays that come with the hiring process emanate from the fact that so many people get involved. Each hire has to get approved by multiple levels of management. Everyone gets their say.

To speed the process along, narrow the number of people involved. Let the direct manager make the final decision, or at least leave it to a handful of people who can keep in easy communication.

Tap Into Your Network

The easiest way to guarantee quality is to know the person you’re hiring. If you can bring in someone you’ve worked with before, or narrow the selection to candidates who have been previously vetted, you can save a lot of time.

Look through the resumes of applicants you’ve liked in the past, but haven’t had the opportunity to hire. Get in touch with him now. Or, check in with former employees and see if they would be available.

Gather More Data

The trick to quickly ending a job search is to learn more about the candidates in a shorter period of time. In a pinch, you might not have the luxury of conducting a full battery of interviews before having to make a decision. Therefore, put more onus on the applicants to provide information.

Move more of the application process online, where it can be automated. Use software to help sort resumes, and include online employment tests and personality profiles to gather information without you having to participate personally.

Learn More on Phone Interviews

One major time suck in the hiring process comes from the interviews. Do what you can to streamline these.

One easy move is to rely more heavily on the phone interview. These can be conducted more efficiently than the in-person version. You can also schedule more in a limited period of time, letting you proceed through the process faster.

Create a Network of Contractors

This one is more a solution for next time because it takes a little effort to put it into place. But if you build a network of part-timers and freelance workers, each contributing to projects on a regular basis, you have a built-in source of talent. It provides you with a pool of potential hires, ones you already know very well, that you can dip into during emergencies.

Get Outside Help

Another way to streamline the hiring process is to outsource most of the time-consuming tasks. Working with a strong staffing firm, like the DHR, makes it easy to find quality employees a short period of time.

Contact DHR to find out more.

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