Are You Drowning in Unfilled Job Orders?


It always hurts to say “no” to a potential customer. It’s like saying “no” to free money.

You spent years building up your recruiting operation, investing time, money, and effort to become the kind of place that attracts high-level clients and an increasing volume of business. But now you’ve almost done your job too well. You have more potential business than you can handle. You don’t have the infrastructure or the talent pool to fill all the job orders that have come your way.

A Painful Dilemma

The situation leaves you with a quandary.

You can try to fill every order that comes your way. But without sufficient resources, the process might churn too slowly, or the candidate you send might not truly meet the necessary qualifications. Either way, you end up hurting your reputation.

It leaves you little choice. You have to turn away the business. And you’re not just turning down revenue in the near term. Letting a prospective client walk out the door risks giving up on that business forever. Your potential customer will surely find someone else to fill their order. That other company then earns the first crack at future orders.

It seems like a dilemma without a solution. Either you risk your long-term reputation, or you limit your horizons by accepting a constricted volume of business.

However, there is a third option.

Expand with DHR’s Staffing Partners Program

DHR’s Staffing Partners Program takes the pressure off. Don’t dilute your brand by trying to work beyond your means, and don’t turn away revenue by letting potential customers walk away. Instead, plug into a larger network, drawing on a deeper talent pool and taking advantage of an expanded infrastructure.

Here’s how it works:

You receive an order that you can’t fill. Either the request is outside your niche, or you are too busy to answer the request adequately. Instead of losing the business, you call DHR.

They quickly snap into action. DHR taps into their SPP network, filling the order for you. You get a portion of the revenue and keep contact with the client. Meanwhile, DHR will take responsibility for the placement.

Extra money. No extra expense. Plus, you get the long-term benefit of expanding your ability to fill clients’ requests. Instead of drowning you, your flood of unfilled orders becomes the wave that carries you to a more expansive business.

Turn Your Near-Term Problem into Long-Term Growth Potential

You develop beyond your current niche, allowing you to become the go-to provider for all your clients. You can handle the heavier volume, granting access to both more customers and larger ones. Meanwhile, all this happens without you having to expand your staffing levels or infrastructure costs. That means you remain flexible – nimble enough to survive slow times and expansive enough to take advantage of the busy times.

Looking for more information? DHR can walk you through the benefits of the staffing partners program. Contact DHR today to find out how the SPP can help you handle your wave of unfilled orders, and prepare you for the next phase of your business development.

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