How Do Unfilled Job Orders Hurt Your Bottom Line?


You get a rush of new work orders. It’s a sign you’re coming up as a staffing agency. Your marketing and branding efforts are paying off. However, you’ve got a problem. You don’t have the infrastructure to handle the higher volume. You’ve got the orders, but no way to fill them.

Having too much potential business may seem like a relatively positive problem, a kind of golden annoyance. However, over time, it can turn into a serious issue.

Hard Choices

When you receive too many work orders, you have three basic choices, none of them very good.

First, you can tell your potential new client the truth: you just can’t handle their business. In short, you turn them away. Or, you settle for your second option. You can take the order anyway, even though you can’t satisfy the customer’s needs.

Or, finally, you can launch an expensive expansion. You can hire more staff and extend your footprint, sinking resources in the hope that your new-found order volume will continue over the long term.

Different Ways to Lose

Each of these choices leaves you exposed.

In the first case, you have to say “no” to revenue, a truly painful prospect. You give up more than just the immediate cash from the initial order, though. Once the client walks out your door, you might lose them forever. No amount of additional marketing will bring them back.

It gets even worse. The damage might not be limited to the single lost customer. Industry players talk to each other. Once you turn down a single client, word could spread within your intended customer base that you don’t have the size or the talent pool to handle bigger orders or niche requests. The damage to your reputation could be devastating.

That’s the consequence of turning away business. The ripple effects can be surprisingly severe. Even so, the repercussions for making the opposite decision can be even worse.

Take on more business than you can handle and you risk more than your new clients. There’s also the danger that you’ll drive away some of your existing customers. Without the proper infrastructure, you won’t be able to fill anyone’s needs.

Your last option is to build your business up to the point where you can handle the incoming order volume. However, this can be a risky endeavor. It works out in flush times, but if you reach a slow patch, you’ll have a large installed expense base to deal with. You could end up losing money.

A True Solution

There is another option. DHR’s Staffing Partners Program allows you to accept those excess orders, without forcing you to take on new costs.

You can deliver the workers your clients need, quickly and efficiently. You automatically increase your footprint, improve your reputation, and open the door to increased revenues.

Here’s how it works:

When that new order comes in that you can’t handle, you contact DHR. They tap into their network of staffing partners. DHR takes responsibility for filling the order. You get to keep part of the revenue.

DHR’s SPP provides the perfect way to grow your business. You can field those incoming orders without worry that you’ll damage your long-term prospects.

Contact DHR today to find out more.

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