How DHR Can Help Your Overflowing Talent Pool


When you run a recruiting agency, you want to keep your talent pool as full as possible. However, there’s a limit. If you end up with more job candidates than you can place, it can lead to long-term problems. Luckily, DHR provides a safety valve that can prevent the “too much” problem from causing any damage.

It’s become a cliché that too much of a good thing can cause problems. However, many clichés become clichés because they contain at least a hit of truth.

Binge on Thanksgiving, you could find yourself spending most of Black Friday holding your stomach and swearing that you’ll never eat again. Spend too much time at the beach, and you could end up with a lobster-toned sunburn.

Both provide examples of the “too much of a good thing” principle at work. The size of your talent pool can follow the same pattern. You generally want to build it as big as possible. But there is a point where a good thing becomes dangerous.

Too Many Candidates, Not Enough Positions

To achieve success, you have to draw on two major components. You have to find great talent. Then, you have to connect that talent with the right positions at client companies.

Having too much talent may seem like a minor concern. However, like any market, the situation has a tendency to self-correct – and in a way that might hurt your overall business. If the people you have signed up to your agency can’t get meaningful work through you, they’ll move on to another agency.

In short, you won’t have a glut of talent for long. Those workers will find a company that can find placements for them.

Thus, you have to maintain a balance. Allow your talent pool to overflow, and your staffing firm could face an unpleasant challenge.

Long-Term Challenges

This situation doesn’t just impact your short-term business. It can have a lasting impact as well. Your reputation depends on matching high-level candidates with sought-after positions at client companies. Once that breaks down, word will spread.

If you get a reputation as a company that can’t place good talent, those high-level workers will stop seeking you out. Eventually, companies will perceive the drop-off in your quality, and you could start losing clients as well.

Because of this dynamic, it’s imperative that you figure out a way to place your best talent as quickly as possible. That way, you can keep your quality level high, and attract the best clients.

The DHR Solution

DHR’s Staffing Partner Program can bridge the gap. It will end your problems with an overflowing talent pool.

When a company in the partner network has an open position that they can’t fill, DHR will fill it by reaching out to other recruiters in the program. Your talent becomes available for a host of other positions.

You get revenue from a particular position. More than that, you can use the SPP to build your business. Beyond just maintaining your current reputation, your ability to find placements for more workers enhances your ability to draw talent. More talent makes you more attractive to more clients. Your core business grows.

In this way, DHR’s partner program solves the “too much of a good thing” problem. At least in terms of your talent…you’re still on your own for Thanksgiving and trips to the beach.

Contact DHR today to learn more about what membership in the partner program can do for your recruiting business.

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