Need Help Placing Orders Outside of Your Niche?


Consult any basic business textbook about the key driver of any enterprise. The answer will almost always come down to one factor: competitive advantage. However, what happens to all the potential customers outside your area of expertise? For your staffing firm, are you just supposed to reject any work orders outside of your niche? 

No, of course not. But figuring out how to incorporate these other opportunities into your business plan can be tricky. 


The Special Danger of Specialization

The basic recipe for a successful staffing company is simple (just like it is for any business in general). You get really good at something. You get so much better at that thing that no other competitor can touch you.  

The specialization allows you to build a reputation and attract clients. You become the master of a certain market. However, by drilling down on one aspect of the industry, you leave large parts of the market untapped 

It can become a kind of golden cage. You have your particular specialty cornered. However, you don’t have the resources to venture into other areas. The situation limits your growth prospects.  

A client comes in, looking for a worker outside your normal niche. You can’t help them. As a result, they take their business to another staffing firm.  

It can be painful turning down revenue like that. The other alternative can lead to even more damage. Take on an assignment you can’t successfully complete, and you risk undercutting your hard-fought reputation. 

It puts you in a special kind of danger. Too much specialization leaves you unable to fill certain kinds of orders. 

DHR’s Partner Program Provides the Answer 

However, there is a solution. DHR’s Staffing Partners Program allows you to fill those orders outside your niche, without taking on extra expenses. You expand the ability to grow your business, earn additional revenue, and build a broader client base.  

Meanwhile, you remain laser-focused on the specialty that made you successful in the first place. In addition, you get access to another avenue for finding clients within our niche. 


Here’s how it works!

You get an order you can’t fill, something outside your area of expertiseIt’s exactly the kind of order you’d usually have to turn down. Or, even worse, something where you’d have to put your reputation at risk by trying to fill it from the wrong kind of talent pool. 

But with the SPP, you can have it both ways. You contact DHR, who takes responsibility for finding the perfect worker. You get to keep part of the revenue and maintain contact with that client. 

It works the other direction as well. If someone else in the SPP can’t fill an order in your niche, DHR might contact you to fill it for them. It provides another way to boost revenue. 

Specialization is the key to a successful business. However, it can be restrictive over time, tamping down growth and forcing you to miss out on certain opportunities. DHR’s SPP allows you to break out of that trap. You can take care of work orders outside your niche, while still maintaining your competitive advantage. 

Contact DHR today to learn more about how the SPP can work for you.  

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