Do You Have More Candidates Than Jobs?


Running a successful staffing agency involves excelling on two fronts simultaneously. First, you have to build a strong collection of highly-skilled workers. Second, you have to cultivate connections with employers who need the kind of talent you have to offer. 

Those two sides have to stay in balance. If they get out of whack, you could run into problems. If you end up with more candidates than you can place, it creates an imbalance that can lead to long-term problems. 

It’s not an easy situation to reverse. You don’t want to turn away talent, so you’ll continue to maintain your high numbers of candidates, even if you don’t have immediate placements for them. However, you can’t magically ramp up the number of clients you have, as building up that base takes time and effort. The resulting imbalance leaves you in a difficult position. 

Luckily, DHR is here to help. By tapping into the Staffing Partners Program, you find an outlet for your excess talent. What’s more, you tap into a new revenue source that will help you grow your top line while simultaneously expanding your profit margins. 

The Problem of Too Much 

Having too many candidates for the number of corporate clients you serve can lead to long-term complications. Of course, a brief oversupply of competent workers won’t cause serious problems. In fact, it’s a relatively positive sign, a signal that you’re doing something right. Hopefully, you can eventually sign enough clients to match with your available candidates. 

However, if the imbalance lasts for an indefinite period of time, the situation can start wearing on your brand. Without a sufficient client base, you won’t be able to find placements for all your workers. Your best candidates will turn to other outlets to find positions.  

Eventually, the stampede will leave you short of candidates. When you eventually get clients, you will be caught short, unable to fill the orders. Now you have stumbled into opposite imbalance.  

Meanwhile, word will get around that you aren’t able to place your workers. That word-of-mouth could kill your hardearned reputation. 

DHR Provides a Solution 

DHR has a way to solve the imbalance problem once and for all. The Staffing Partners Program connects you with other recruiting firms, giving you an outlet for those additional candidates you have in your system. You remain a go-to location for candidates, while simultaneously opening up a new source of revenue. 

It works like this: 

Another staffing firm receives a work order they can’t fill. Either they don’t have enough candidates in their system or the request involves a niche area they don’t cover. Whatever the specific situation, they need help finding the right candidate. 

In response, they sent out a request to the SPP. If you have a candidate who fills the order, you send the worker to the client. DHR oversees the administrative process, meaning you don’t have to take on an extra expense. Meanwhile, you got to keep a piece of revenue. 

The DHR Staffing Partners Program allows you to leverage your wide base of candidates, even if you don’t have the client contacts to place all of them yourself. It acts as a safety valve. You continue to grow your business at your own pace while taking advantage of your ability to attract talented workers. At the same time, you receive added revenue in the process. 

Contact DHR today to find out more about the win-win prospects the SPP offers. 


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