Getting Interviews But Not Offers? Here’s Why


Early in the job-search process, getting an interview prompts real excitement. Like champagne popping-level excitement. However, as the interviews continue to roll in, but the offers most definitely don’t, that level of enthusiasm starts to fade. What once seemed like the last step before landing a job has become a frustrating purgatory. 

But why is this happening? Why do you continue to get interviews, but can’t seem to score an offer? Here are a few specific issues you might be facing: 

You’re Not Separating Yourself from the Competition 

Many people focus too much on proving that they are qualified for the position. Making this case is important, as it provides the baseline for securing a job. However, it should just represent the start. 

Most candidates who get an interview are qualified for the position. Your resume proves that. Treat the interview as your chance to go beyond this lowest-possible bar. You should be separating yourself from the competition. Let the interviewers know what else you can provide that others might not.  

In other words, don’t spend the whole interview highlighting your qualifications. Look for opportunities to discuss your special skills and the unique aspects of your background. 

You’re Not Selling Your Soft Skills 

Another habit that can limit your ability to secure an offer: narrowly defining your strengths. People have a tendency to oversell the skills that relate directly to the job at hand and forget to give an impression of their more general abilities.  

Remember: companies aren’t just trying to fill a specific position. They are looking for a teammate and a potential leader. When they make the final hiring decision, they are looking down the road, at whether you make a good candidate for advancement, or whether you can contribute significant creativity and innovation. 

Convince them that you have these abilities. Highlight those key soft skills, things like communication, organization, leadership, and creativity. Once again, go beyond your resume to highlight the broader impact you can have on the organization.  

You Aren’t Taking Each Interview Seriously Enough 

There’s an obvious implication from the “lots of interviews, no offers” problem. Namely, that something is going wrong at the interview stage. The issue is likely related either to preparation or to performance. 

It’s important to treat every interview as an individual event. This gets harder as you go on more and more interviews, without seeing any success. They start to run together. At the same time, you become pessimistic about your chances, asking questions like “what’s the point of preparing, if I’m not going to get the position anyway?” 

This attitude becomes self-fulfilling, and self-defeating. You have to fight against it. Prepare for each interview like you have a real shot at the job, and find ways to stay motivated, even when things seem bleak. Remember, it only takes one offer to open the door to a long-term career opportunity. 

Turning an interview into an offer gets easier when you are perfectly suited to a position. That gets easier when you work with a top-ranked staffing agency, like DHR. They can find the right situation for you to thrive. 

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