Fill Your Skilled Labor Jobs That You Aren’t Comfortable Filling on Your Own


You’ve built a thriving staffing business. However, just because you are doing well in a general sense doesn’t mean that you have every niche covered. When you get a request for a skilled labor job that you aren’t comfortable filling, do you have a plan in mind? 

Don’t be ashamed if you have specialties you can’t cover. It’s normal to have some skill sets that are beyond your comfort zone. Any staffing firm will have these blind spots. Like any other recruiting agency, you have a particular market you focus on, and others that are beyond your core capacity to fill. 

Dealing with these other niches creates a dilemma, though. Eventually, you will receive an order for skilled labor positions that you can’t fill effectively. The question then becomes: now what? 

DHR provides a solution. The Staffing Partners Program allows you to fill orders outside your niche, without adding expenses or risking the loss of a customer. 


Pushing Beyond Your Comfort Level 

Growth is the goal of any business. However, the logistics of this expansion sometimes presents unexpected challenges. You don’t always get the growth you were ready for. 

Case in point: a customer comes to you with a work order. However, the position calls for a skilled laborer outside your comfort zone. Now you’re faced with a sticky situation.  

Working on your own, you have two basic choices (neither of them very good). Option #1: you can turn the client down. That risks losing the customer forever. Option #2: try to fill the position with the talent you have available. That can carry even bigger risks. You could disappoint the client, losing them in the process anyway, while, at the same time, damaging your overall reputation. 


Another Way to Expand 

DHR’s Staffing Partners Program lets you avoid these traps. It allows you to fill niche roles requiring rare skilled labor. At the same time, you keep your customer base and increase your revenue opportunities. All this comes without an increase in your expense base. 

It works like this: you get a work order you can’t handle. Instead of getting stuck in an unwinnable situation, you plug into the SPP. Using the Partners Program, DHR fills the work order for you. They handle the logistics. You remain in contact with the client, while also collecting your share of the revenue. 

In this way, the SPP lets you avoid the pitfalls of growth. You can handle orders outside your comfort zone while continuing your expansion on your own terms. 

What’s more, the Partners Program gives you additional ways to drive revenue. If a member of the SPP gets an order in your specialty that they can’t handle, they can turn to you to fill it. It’s a no-cost way to expand your industry footprint. 

Are you interested in joining the SPP? Contact DHR today for more details. 

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