What Do I Do When I Can’t Find People to Fill My Jobs?


Running a successful staffing firm is a twopronged process. It requires a complicated balance, making sure you have enough workers to fulfill all of the job orders you get. If you can’t find people to staff those jobs, you could face a threat to your long-term growth. 

Luckily, there’s a way to break out of the dilemma. DHR’s Staffing Partners Program lets you deal with those excess job orders, all without taking on added expense or endangering your brand.  

The SPP gives you a way to say “yes” to almost every request. At the same time, you secure a potential new revenue source and set yourself up for accelerated expansion. 

When You Can’t Find the Right People for Your Jobs 

When you operate a staffing firm, your marketing efforts go in two directions. You need to find corporate customers to pay the bills. However, this effort has to be paired with outreach to job candidates. You need access to a large group of talented workers to fill the job orders that come in. 

What happens if you find yourself lacking on one side of the equation? What happens when you can’t find people to fill the job orders you receive? 

It creates a serious problem. On the one hand, you can simply turn down the request. This involves telling a potential client that you can’t fill their needs – and then watching that customer depart for one of your competitors. 

On the other hand, you can try to fill the position with a worker who isn’t quite right for the placementThis creates its own danger. By sending an underqualified person, you put your overall brand at risk. You could lose that customer anyway, and earn a bad reputation in the bargain. 

The Benefits of the Staffing Partners Program 

DHR can help you get out of this trap. The Staffing Partners Program lets you fill orders outside your niche, or during times when you don’t have enough workers in your system. It provides you with an additional database of qualified workers that you can turn to when you face an emergency. 

Imagine that you receive a work order you can’t fill. Simply contact DHR and tap into the SPP. A member of the Partners Program will then provide a worker that perfectly matches your order. The SPP member will handle the logistics, while you receive your share of the revenue and keep contact with your client. 

The SPP comes with other benefits as well. It provides another potential source of revenue, allowing you to fill orders from other SPP members. If someone else in the Staffing Partners Program has trouble finding the right workerthey can turn to you.  

Our Recruiters Will Fill Your Jobs with Top Industry Talent!

DHR’s Staffing Partners Program helps you maintain that delicate balance between work orders and available workers. In this way, the SPP gives you peace of mind and facilitates your long-term growth plans. 

Contact DHR today to learn more about the Staffing Partners Program. 

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