Tips on Improving your Warehouse Culture


Just like every other part of your operation, your warehouse can benefit from strong teamwork. Achieving this goal requires a strong culture. With a few simple points of emphasis, you can encourage a welcoming, productive, and forward-looking atmosphere in your warehouse. 

A winning culture can significantly improve your day-to-day operations. It boosts productivity and improves morale. You are able to get more done, while at the same timesaving money on recruitment and training. 

However, you can’t instill a culture overnight. It takes dedication and long-term planning. Still, a winning culture isn’t complicated. Instilling the right vibe in your warehouse requires just a few basic commitments: 


Stress Safety 

Emphasizing safety offers many benefits. You can control risk and limit your exposure to certain liabilities. It also provides an important psychological boost, which forms the basis for a winning culture.    

Your workers will feel safe and protected. They will appreciate that you value their health and well-being. What’s more, a safe workplace brings additional confidence. Your employees will be able to operate faster, knowing that accidents are a remote possibility. 


Encourage Open Communication 

The warehouse occupies a somewhat contradictory position within your organization. On the one hand, it sits at the middle of the action, a central hub for all your shipping and receiving functions. On the other, it exists in the background, away from executive discussions and management-level decision making. 

This dynamic can leave your warehouse workers somewhat removed from the rest of the company. Don’t let this happen. Keep all your team members informed about developments in the company.  

At the same time, make sure this communication goes in both directions. Listen to your workers. Elicit feedback about warehouse procedures and scheduling. Your employees will feel closer to the company, leading to more vibrant culture. 


Make Evaluation Metrics Transparent 

Warehouse operations can be complicated. Your workers may need to shift from one task to another, responding to sudden requests or minor emergencies. To be most effective, you don’t want them worried about their stats. 

Of course, you need to evaluate your employees. And, often, quantitative measures are the fairest and easiest way to make informed decisions. Just make sure that your workers understand how they will be evaluated. If they know what attributes you value and what level of performance you feel is acceptable, it will be easier for them to meet your standards. 

At the same time, you minimize a common source of friction. When evaluation metrics are transparent, everyone remains on the same page. It avoids confusion and miscommunication down the line.  


Treat Your Workers as Individuals 

Each worker is different. They have distinct goals and particular personal responsibilities to deal with. Tactics that work well with one employee might cause tension with another.  

Keep this in mind as you interact with members of your team. Don’t just think of them as generic warehouse help. Instead, take their individual attributes into account. You’ll build closer relationships, and be able to elicit a better performance out of each employee. 

Building the right culture starts at the hiring stage. By building a team of competent, dedicated workers, you set the stage for ultimate success. A top-flight recruiting firm, like DHR, can make finding these workers easy. They can deliver the type of talent you need to develop the best-possible warehouse culture. 

Contact DHR today to learn more. 

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