Who Gets Paid When Two Recruiters Work Together?


We learn in preschool that sharing is the best policy. It makes sense for the playground but gets complicated in the business world. The thought of partnering with another recruiting firm can feel threatening. The decision to enter into a strategic alliance often comes down to one overarching question: who gets paid? 

The short answer? Everybody. A collaboration through DHR’s Staffing Partners Program creates opportunities for everyone to increase revenues. 

Through the SPP, you can service your own clients better. Using the other recruiters in the network, you can fill orders that might otherwise fall outside your expertise. It means never having to say “no” again. 

At the same time, you increase your access to opportunities. If your SPP partners have orders they can’t fill, they can call on you to provide the right fit. In both cases, you share revenue and expand your business. 


A New Way to Expand 

We get it. You’re skeptical about the prospect of a partnership. You worked hard to carve out your position in the staffing industry, and you don’t want someone else to use you as a short-cut to success. 

Savvy marketing, well-considered investments, and your extensive industry know-how allowed you to build a thriving staffing business. You want to expand on that success, not share it with a competitor. 

However, the market isn’t a zero-sum situation. You don’t have to succeed at the expense of other recruiters. The Staffing Partners Program allows everyone to expand at once, by better serving clients and becoming a more efficient way for candidates to find jobs.


Getting More Done Through the Staffing Partners Program 

You get a work order that is outside your niche area. The request puts you in a tight situation. You can turn down the order, opening the possibility that the customer could migrate to another company. Or you can attempt to fill the request with a substandard placement, risking your reputation in the process – a lose-lose scenario. 

DHR’s Staffing Partners Program turns the challenge on its head. When you get a request you can’t fill, you can reach out to a fellow SPP member. You keep a portion of the revenue and maintain your relationship with the client. The SPP partner fills the order and takes responsibility for managing the situation. You can satisfy the client with a highly-trained worker, and get a revenue boost in the process. 


Corporate Team Work 

As a staffing agency, you are ultimately in the business of team building. You provide workers with the right qualifications and the right background to fit in perfectly with your clients’ needs. By doing this, you help your customers create the perfect team. 

The SPP lets you apply the same principle to your strategic planning. By joining the Staffing Partners Program, you can leverage that same mentality to expand your own prospects. It will allow you to boost your revenue, maximize your footprint, and optimize growth, all without adding to your expense base. 

Ready to add new avenues of growth? Contact DHR today to learn more about their Staffing Partners Program. 

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