Staffing Partners: Provide More Employee Flexibility


As a recruiting agency, you provide a two-way service. You furnish qualified candidates to companies that have a staffing need. At the same time, you serve your roster of workers, giving them access to new career opportunities. By providing more employee flexibility, you ultimately serve both sides better. 

Often, the dynamics of the staffing business leaves you stuck in the middle. If you don’t provide the right kinds of positions for your workers, you’ll have trouble keeping them in your database. This can cause a serious supply problem that threatens your growth prospects and, ultimately, your ability to keep your corporate clients.

DHR’s Staffing Partners Program can help. The SPP gives you a wider network of potential jobs to fill, making it easier to maintain your roster of talent. 

Staffing Agencies: Stuck in the Middle 

Most industries only have one set of customers. A staffing agency essentially has two. You need to keep your corporate clients happy, while, at the same time, maintaining a substantial roster of qualified workers. 

Your corporate clients ultimately pay the bills, providing the revenue you need to survive. However, maintaining a strong relationship with your workers is equally important. You need to serve the workers who come to you to find jobs, because, without them, you don’t have a service to provide.  

What do you do if you can’t place your workers in their ideal roles?  

Well, eventually, they are going to leave you for someone else. Think of it from their perspective: they need to work. They aren’t going to wait for you. Instead, they will start to look for positions through other firms. Your most highly-skilled talent will migrate to your competitors, leaving you short when the time comes. 

At first, you might not notice the change (you were having trouble placing those workers anyway.) But, eventually, you’ll feel the pinch. At some point, a client will send you a work order that you can’t fill, because your roster of workers has dwindled. You simply won’t have people to send.  

This issue will eventually cut into your bottom line. Your customers, unable to wait for you, will also head to a competitor to get their needs met. Your business slowly erodes.  

More Flexibility with Staffing Partners 

DHR’s Staffing Partners Program eliminates this risk. It creates a new way to place your specialized employees. Even if you don’t have opportunities for them in the moment, you have an outlet to provide the placements they need to keep their careers humming. 

It works like this: You have a worker with skills outside your normal niche, leading to a situation where you’re going to have trouble placing them in the right position to advance their career. At the same time, another member of the Staffing Partners Program has the perfect situation for your candidate. Your SPP partner calls on you to fill the order. You get your share of the revenue, and your worker gets their ideal partner. 

The SPP operates as a supplemental marketing tool. You receive additional orders without having to increase expenses. You’re able to keep your workers happy, letting you maintain a thriving supply of top-notch talent to offer your corporate clients. You have the flexibility necessary to maintain your business, and fuel future growth. 

Ready to join the Staffing Partners Program? Contact DHR today to learn more about the benefits of belonging to the SPP. 

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