Staffing Partners: Give You A More Streamlined Hiring Process


They say “timing is everything.” Usually, this phrase comes up when people are talking about romance. But it fits in the business world as well. To get the job done, companies need the right people at the right time.  

That’s where you come in. 

As a staffing agency, clients rely on you to provide them with the team members they need to facilitate their growth. Whether it’s temporary help to meet a pressing deadline, or permanent staff to jumpstart a corporate expansion, they need their new workers as quickly as possible. Any delay can quickly sour their relationship with you. 

Joining DHR’s Staffing Partners Program ensures that you can fill job orders as quickly as possible. It’s the ultimate cheat code, allowing you to streamline your hiring process and giving you access to significantly wider talent pool. 

The Right Stuff…and the Right Time 

Success requires speed and precision. When a client calls your staffing firm to augment their team, they need the perfect worker. What’s more, they need them right now. They need to expand their staff quickly in order to take full advantage of their opportunities.  

It’s one of the many reasons they reach out to you in the first place: working with a recruiter significantly cuts their hiring time. Finding the perfect candidate quickly – that represents one of your key selling points. Fall behind on this front and you give up one of your main competitive advantages. 

For that reason, it’s important to streamline your process as much as possible. If it takes too long to fill a placement, they will look for other providers.  

Breaking Down Barriers 

Finding the perfect fit for one of your clients can require a complicated process. A lot of things have to go right to provide the ideal mix of skills and background. That means a lot of barriers can appear, slowing your process or even stalling it entirely. 

You might not have enough potential candidates in your system for all the job orders you receive. To some extent, this can represent one of those “good problems.” It means you’ve been effective in marketing your staffing services to corporate clients. 

However, you won’t be able to maintain your customer list if you can’t service their needs. A shallow talent pool means the time you need to fill each request could get dangerously stretched. Customers will be left waiting – a risky situation in terms of keeping them long term. 

It might not be a matter of total volume. Your set of available talent might nominally match the needs of your overall client base. However, if you have gaps in particular specialties or in specific skills, you could reach a problem with individual requests.  

Streamline Your Recruiting Process with DHR’s Staffing Partners Program 

DHR can minimize the amount of time you need to fill crucial orders. By joining the Staffing Partners Program, you can tap into vast network of available talent. The SPP fills in the holes in your database, making sure you always have access to qualified candidates. This way, you can respond immediately to customer requests 

Here’s how the process works: 

You receive a job order that will be difficult to fill in a short span of time. No need to panic. You simply contact DHR, and activate the Staffing Partners Program. One of your fellow SPP members will have a good fit for the position.  

Your SPP partner will send the worker and manage the logistics. Your client gets serviced quickly, and you open up a new way to expand your business. For that assignment, you receive your share of the revenue. At the same time, you maintain contact with the client and keep them as a long-term customer. 

Ready to get started? Contact DHR today to discover other benefits of the Staffing Partners Program. 

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