Staffing Partners: Provide A Fresh Workforce


Everyone values innovative operations and a diverse workforce. These represent top priorities for any employer looking to excel in a competitive marketplace. However, despite their importance, few people really know how to achieve these goals.  

DHR’s Staffing Partners Program provides an excellent way to realize these objectives. Using the SPP grants access to a fresh workforce, allowing organizations to upgrade their workforces and to find hidden gems. 

The Importance of Drawing from a Broad Talent Pool 

Innovation and diversity represent two important goals in most corporate cultures. For example, one survey showed that more than eight out of ten customers (84%) said it was at least somewhat important to purchase from a firm they viewed as innovative.  

On diversity, the benefits are multiple. Customers prefer brands that speak to a diverse audience, an easier task when a firm has broad sensibilities represented on its staff. Meanwhile, a wide representation in a workforce makes further recruiting easier. It becomes a talent multiplier. For instance, a survey from Glassdoor showed that 67% of job seekers valued diversity when they considered whether to work at a particular company. 

The Challenges of Building an Innovative and Diverse Workforce 

Driving innovation and diversity often comes down to team building. Having the right people in place allows you to achieve those goals. However, doing so isn’t always easy. 

Every company prides itself on its ability to “think outside the box” and provide “game-changing” products. These concepts have become a routine part of business discussion. The rhetoric is so common, it almost makes these goals seem easy to achieve. Just call up your innovation vendor and order some. 

Of course, it doesn’t work that way. Truly interesting ideas are hard to come by. To drive meaningful breakthroughs, a company needs the right people on staff, a diverse team that compliments each other. 

Getting the right suggestion at just the right time can be the difference between a market-dominating product and another run-of-the-mill offering. Getting that perfect insight is difficult, however. One survey found that 45% of hiring managers failed to fill an open position because they were unable to find the right talent. 

DHR’s Staffing Partners Program Opens Up New Recruiting Possibilities 

Connecting to DHR’s Staffing Partners Program can help you overcome these challenges. It opens up the possibilities for filling positions within an organization. The SPP creates a network of recruiters, letting companies tap into a broad database of qualified candidates.  

The SPP allows organizations to search for talent in places they couldn’t access before. It provides important benefits on all sides of the recruiting process. Candidates get access to more opportunities. Companies have more potential hires to evaluate. And, leveraging the strength of the Staffing Partners Program, even small recruiting firms can give their clients a broad choice of talent. 

With DHR’s SPP, companies can connect with potential candidates they might not have been searching for. The program opens up new skills and rare specialties. Organizations can benefit from hiring workers from broad backgrounds, sparking additional innovation and filling niche roles on dynamic teams. 

Want to learn more about the benefits of the Staffing Partners Program? Contact DHR to find out more. 


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