Staffing Partners: Provide A Wider Access To Candidates


One person can make an enormous difference. A high-functioning employee puts your business on another level. They can speed production and spur innovation, creating an environment that fosters faster growth and better customer relations 

Of course, finding that perfect person is difficult. It’s like dating…everyone is trying to find The One. But, as with romance, discovering that perfect professional match takes work. You might have to swipe left a lot before getting to someone worthwhile. 

In many ways, hiring is even harder than dating. The world of romance has a host of competing apps designed to connect you with just the type of person you’re looking for. How can you get the same kind of coverage in the recruiting sphere?  

DHR’s Staffing Partners Program provides an answer.  

The SPP creates a broad net for talent. By tapping into this nexus, the Partners Program grants access to a larger pool of candidates. With the ability to review both passive to aggressive job seekers, staffing partners can help you find the exact right person for the job.  

Searching for a Superstar  

According to an often-quoted estimate, only about 20% of employees can be considered top performers. That’s a relatively thin slice of the candidate pool, giving you just a 1-in-5 chance of finding someone above average. In reality, though, your chances of finding someone truly stellar are even smaller. 

In many cases, you aren’t just looking for that 1-in-5 top performer. Instead, you’re looking for that one-of-a-kind game-changer. Are you going to find them? Maybe not. But your chances of locating them increase when you have a wider pool of candidates to choose from. 

Staffing Partners: Casting a Wide Net 

Here’s where DHR’s Staffing Partners Program comes in. The SPP connects multiple staffing firms to find the ideal candidate for any open position. Rather than relying on the relatively shallow labor pool you can access with a single recruiting relationship, you can choose from candidates represented by a long list of agencies. 

Job seekers often use networking to find a position. The Staffing Partners Program uses the same technique on behalf of employers. It’s a high-value networking program meant to find the perfect worker for any open position. 

Here’s how the program operates: There’s a vacant job that’s been difficult to fill. Maybe it requires niche qualifications or has other complicated factors associated with it (schedule, location, etc.). For whatever reason, finding a perfect fit has proven allusive. 

The SPP provides a perfect solution. Through the program, DHR connects multiple staffing agencies. This way, you can tap into a wide network of participating recruiters. Suddenly, you can review a broad assortment of potential candidates, without the added hassle of communicating with multiple providers on your own. It becomes much easier to lock in on that one ideal person. 

Ready to find The One? (And not just a single “The One,” but the perfect candidate for every open position…) DHR’s Staffing Partners Program provides the ideal opportunity. 

Contact DHR today to learn more. 

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