7 Signs Top Talent May Be Leaving Soon


You rely on your best employees. They aren’t just your top performers. They’re also the central pillars of your team and of your corporate culture. Losing these superstar workers creates a big hole.  

There’s a catch, though. Top talent, by definition, is always in demand. Your best performers are the ones most likely to get poached by your competitors. As such, you need to remain vigilant. You have to constantly look for signs that your top talent may be leaving. 

With that in mind, here are seven signs that your best employees might be eyeing the door: 

Their Work Habits Change 

You’re used to your employees day-to-day routines. You know your top performers and you know the ones who need more direction. If a worker suddenly changes how they conduct business, it might be a sign that they are looking to leave.  

If once-great employee starts to slack off, they may have lost interest in impressing you. This is a bad sign. Soon, they’re likely to find someone else to impress. 

They No Longer Seek Out Assignments 

It used to be clockwork: your top employee would constantly seek out new opportunities. They were hungry for responsibility and wanted to advance their career within the firm.  

Lately, things have changed. You haven’t heard from them. They still do their normal tasks, but their interest in anything extra has waned.  

This could be a bad sign regarding their long-term plans. They might be eyeing the exit and, as such, don’t see any benefit in striving for advancement at your company. 

They Stop Participating in Meetings  

Your go-to innovationgenerator no longer volunteers fresh ideas in meetings. This suggests they could be losing interest in the long-term improvement of the company. With one foot out the door, they’d rather save their best ideas for their next employer. 

They Suddenly Start Cashing In Vacation Time 

Previously, your star employee never took a day off. Now, they are constantly cashing in vacation days. It may be a sign that they may be ready for a change. They may be using that time to interview for other positions. Or, given the fact they plan to leave, they want to take full advantage of the vacation time they have banked. 

They Stop Complaining 

On the surface, this may seem like a positive development. An employee who previously questioned policies and asserted different points of view now lets things slide. In the near term, it may make them easier to work with. But it may also signal that they’ve given up trying to engage the job on more than the most basic level. 

They Stop Socializing with Coworkers  

Suddenly, they have an excuse to avoid every company function. They used to love break room birthday parties, now they stay at their desk. They’ve become detached and quiet around their coworkers. These social signals point to a person who is pulling back. It may be the first sign of an eventual break. 

They’ve Suffered a Setback at Your Company 

You might not get a clue from a workers behavior, but conditions might point to a possible departure. Keep an eye on employees who have suffered a setback at your firm. Whether it’s getting passed over for promotion or not receiving a raise they requested, bad news might create longer-term discontent. This could drive the worker to look for another position. 

It’s rough when your best employees leave. However, it doesn’t have to cause a catastrophic situation. By partnering with a strong recruiting firm, like DHR, you can fill any role quickly and efficiently. 

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