We focus on giving you what you want.

That’s why we employ our Precise Assignment System.

We want to understand what your skills are and where you’d like them to take you. We know where the skilled and general labor job openings are in Houston and can find the right one for you.

Application &

Fill out our application and sit down for a quick interview. Call us to check in daily as to not miss out on any jobs and our employers know that you are serious about working every day.


Once your background and work history are completed, you’re eligible for assignments. When we find a job that’s a likely fit, you’ll have a more in-depth interview and to fill out an additional questionnaire. If you meet our client’s requirements, you’ll get a tentative offer with pay range and schedule.


Sometimes a client may want to interview you in person before you are offered an assignment. If so, we’ll set it up. If you like the client and their offer, you’ll fill out an I-9 and take safety orientation training at our office.


Our Precise Assignment System might sound like a lot of work, but it’s worth it to make sure that you and the employer are happy with the match. That’s why we keep so many of our clients and employees – nearly one hundred percent of the people who work with us stick with us.

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