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Case Study: DHR Staffing helps us solve multiple challenges here in our depot.

I’m emailing today to offer a recommendation for DHR Staffing, a general labor staffing agency.

I have known DHR Staffing since 2006. I can personally vouch for their honesty, integrity, and character. On a professional level, I’d like to offer a little background on how DHR Staffing have helped us solve multiple challenges here in our depot.

When I took over my depot, we were having multiple challenges with our old staffing agency, ranging from people reporting to work late, not reporting at all in most cases, and in some cases, poor quality associates assigned to work here. In my more than 20 years of experience with staffing agencies, it was the worst service I had ever seen. The challenges it presented to our depot, and the time and effort required to overcome those shortfalls, were burdensome and expensive to say the least.

I eventually called upon DHR’s expertise to help fill the empty material handler roles here in the depot with some temporary help, until a suitable full-time employee could be recruited and hired. This was a difficult task based on the fact that over 50% of the employee’s time was spent working in the freezer at -15°F, coupled with our location far south of the Houston metroplex.

DHR not only found suitable associates right away to help fill the positions temporarily, they actually provided one temporary that we have hired on full time to fill the open position, based on the high-quality individuals DHR was providing to us. All of his assigned associates arrived on time each day we needed them, and the DHR team followed up frequently by phone and email on a daily basis to make sure we had proper personnel on staff to fulfill our needs. They have also made multiple personal visits to the depot to meet with myself and my warehouse operations manager to ensure he was meeting our needs.

In my more than two decades’ experience with industrial staffing in Houston, it was the best service I had ever seen.

If that were not enough, they accomplished all of this and cut our costs for temporary staffing by almost 40%.

I highly recommend DHR Staffing.