Do I Pay To Work With A Staffing Firm?


Landing your ideal job is the goal for every job seeker. But in some industries, it can be difficult to hear about great positions without inside information or get your foot in the door of your dream employer. This is where a staffing firm can help. However, if you are new to this process, you might have some questions – not the least of which is, “Do I pay to work with a staffing firm?”

Paying for a Staffing Firm

If a staffing firm tries to charge you a fee for their services, this is a red flag. You should not have to pay a recruiter to help you find a job. Staffing firms are paid by the companies who contract them to find great people. To the employer, it is worth it to pay the fee because it is actually far more cost-effective and efficient than conducting their own searches. If the recruiter can’t make a great match, they won’t get paid. So even though you aren’t paying a fee, staffing firms still have a vested interest in connecting you with your ideal employer.

Great Benefits That Cost You Nothing

So what are the actual benefits of working with a staffing firm? This is one of the rare cases where paying nothing can get you everything you want – and sometimes a bit more. Here are just a few benefits of using a staffing agency to find your ideal job:

  • Saves you time: Scouring job postings, tailoring your resume and crafting original cover letters takes time, and your odds of finding a great match can be slim. Staffing firms have their finger on the pulse of the current market and they are aware of open positions that may not be available for public posting. Because the recruiter “presells” you to the hiring manager, you don’t have to write cover letters or do the legwork yourself.
  • Better matches: Staffing firms match candidates based on skills and qualifications, but also their personality and work style, ensuring a strong match.
  • Achieve flexibility: If you need specific days or hours off to care for family members, your recruiter will work to match you with positions that will provide the flexibility you need.
  • Get access to training: Staffing firms benefit when their workforce is fully trained and certified in areas of high demand. Many companies offer in-house training for candidates to grow their skills.
  • Confidential searches: If you’re currently employed, but looking for new opportunities, a staffing firm can help you conduct a search with complete confidentiality.

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