Are There Invisible Risks in the Workplace?


When it comes to managing safety in an industrial workplace, some hazards are obvious. However, there are lots of invisible risks that threaten the safety of your team every day. It is important to identify the invisible risks in your workplace, so you can keep your team safe, no matter what they are doing.

Indoor Temperatures

Whatever the temperature outside, inside an industrial workplace can be extremely hot. Machinery and body heat can raise the temperature significantly – and dangerously. Even with industrial air cooling systems in place, it can be difficult to control the indoor climate. Proper planning and ongoing maintenance of heat exhaust systems must be a priority for any place of business.

The indoor temperature is obvious, so the actual “invisible” risk are the problems the heat can cause. Extreme temperatures lead to dehydration and heat stroke, which can be life-threatening conditions.

Lighting Conditions

You may not give too much thought to the lighting at your facility, which is what makes it an invisible safety risk. The high ceilings of industrial workplaces make it difficult for enough light to reach the work floor. Machines and other items can also block light, causing shadows and dark spots that make it difficult for employees to see.

Adding additional lighting fixtures can help facilitate safety by eliminating trips, reducing eyestrain and preventing people from walking into dangerous areas of the facility.

Extension Cords

When someone needs electricity in an area where power is not easily accessible, extension cords are the obvious answer. Most people are aware that extension cords create a tripping hazard by creating an obstruction in a normally free area, but there are other risks associated with extension cords, as well.

Cords can add an electrocution risk if a machine should happen to run over the cord and slice it. Extension cords can also create a surge risk, because it puts additional strain on areas that were not designed to put out extra power. This can lead to surges and outages, which can cause accidents.


Tired, worn out employees are a risk to themselves and their teammates. If your staff has been working a lot of mandatory overtime, you likely have a team that is suffering from fatigue. Fatigued employees are more apt to make mistakes, they lack attention to detail, and are more prone to accidents and injury.

While some overtime simply cannot be avoided, it is wise to put measures in place to augment your staff with contingent labor who can help manage the strain on your team to prevent extreme fatigue.

Are You Looking for Workers Who Value Safety?

When it comes to safety at your workplace, it is important to focus on the hiring process to reduce risk. At DHR Staffing in Houston, safety is always a priority. Don’t let new hires or temporary staff put your team’s safety in jeopardy. Contact the Houston industrial recruiting experts at DHR Staffing today to learn how we can keep you fully staffed with an eye for safety.

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