Stop Turning Away Business!


Here’s one of those so-called “good problems.” You have more business than you can handle. Put that in a category with a having a Lamborghini that doesn’t fit in your garage or more vacation days than you can use.

Work orders come in, but you can only fill a portion of them. You just don’t have the capacity to take care of the needs of every potential client, or they are looking for a niche worker in a specialty that you don’t cover.

It’s a sign of success that you have more customers than you can handle. Your advertising is working. You’re connecting with your target market. Good problem.

However, that “good problem” can quickly turn toxic. Those clients you’re turning away now will find help somewhere else. You might not get a second chance and, down the road, you might regret not bringing them into the fold. Meanwhile, for now, you are turning down revenue…funds you could use to reinvest in the business and help you expand.

Bottom line: when you work at capacity, you risk turning away business. Luckily, there is a way to solve the conundrum.

Join DHR’s Staffing Partner Program

The DHR Staffing Partner Program can help you absorb that extra business you’ve been turning away. The SPP makes it possible to say “yes” to every potential customer, even when you have limited resources. (And who doesn’t have limited resources?)

Here’s how it works: when you get a work order you can’t fill, simply contact DHR. They will activate their network of industry-leading partners, seeking out the perfect worker to fill the placement.

DHR will take the responsibility of filling the work order and managing the account. That means no extra expense for you. Meanwhile, you keep a portion of the revenue from that assignment.

Grow Your Business, Not Your Expenses

Under the SPP, you maintain contact with the client. No more sending the potential customer to a competitor. You keep them in house, increasing your client base and setting the stage for more orders down the road.

Meanwhile, in the short term, you increase your revenue. You keep a portion of the proceeds from each client you send through the SPP. More cash for you, all without raising your expense base. That means the extra money generated through the partner program falls directly to the bottom line.

Plus, the SPP allows you to become a one-stop shop in the eyes of your current customers. Any specialty your clients need, you can fill it through the partner program. The system can connect you with any niche skill set you need to fill a work order.

More revenue now. A wider customer base. Access to a deeper bench of talent. DHR’s Staffing Partner Program provides the key to turning those good problems into amazing opportunities.

Contact DHR today to learn more.

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