Improve Your Relationship With Any Boss


our relationship with your boss becomes instrumental in every aspect of your performance. When they’re happy, you’re happy. Well, maybe not always happy – but your chances of career advancement and good performance reports increase dramatically. 

This is true even in the most bureaucratic organizations. Thanks to detailed job descriptions, which itemize the responsibilities and the qualifications necessary for each positionday-to-day operations at most companies seem highly standardized, even robotic. In real life, however, the process is much more complicated. Personality quirks and individual relationships impact the daily routine.  

Because of this dynamic, it’s important to develop a strong relationship with your boss. That’s easier with some bosses than it is with others. Still, even if you have a personality mismatch with your current supervisor, there are steps you can take to create a better personal bond.

Here are some tips to improve your relationship with any boss: 

Meet Deadlines and Maintain Quality 

The first step for relationship-building with your boss boils down to a single phrase: do your job. It may seem basic, but successfully completing your assigned tasks forms the foundation of any successful connection you’ll form with your supervisor. Show up on time and consistently perform your duties at the highest level of quality. You can’t develop a deeper relationship without fulfilling this minimum requirement first. 

Keep Communication Lines Open 

Getting your work done represents the crucial first step. However, you have to go further to build up a true rapport. To further develop the bond with your boss, nurture a constructive back-and-forth communication. 

How do you do this? Ask for feedback. The insights your boss provides will help you improve your job performance and better meet their standards. At the same time, you’ll stay on your boss’s radar and  

Strive for the Same Goals 

Let’s look at this one through an example you’ll hear from almost any relationship counselor. Imagine you and your boss are in a canoe together. To make any progress, you have to paddle in the same direction.  

In a typical relationship, this requires a lot of conversation and compromise. As an employee, though, you don’t get much say in the direction. You have to identify which way your boss is paddling, and match their stroke. In other words, learn your boss’s goals and figure out how to help them achieve those objectives. 

Solve Problems 

Your boss has a lot of worries. If you can remove some of these concerns, you’ll make yourself a hero in their eyes. Become a problem solver. Learn to anticipate the kinds of responses your boss prefers and prepare responses that match those expectations. Have these action plans ready before your boss even knows that you have hit a snag. 

Form a Connection 

Having a personal connection with your boss bolsters your professional relationship. With a strong basis of trust and respect, you can easily overcome minor disagreements over company policy. Develop those deeper ties with your supervisor. The closer your bond with them, the easier it is to work well together. 

Contribute to Team Harmony 

It’s not enough to nurture a strong relationship with your boss. After all, the two of you aren’t alone in the office. You also have to worry about your coworkers. Nurture these bonds as well.  

Remember: when your boss reviewyour performance, they will look at your influence on those around you. Do you work well with others? Do you contribute to team success? Make sure the answers to these questions always come back a resounding “yes.” 

Getting along with your boss is crucial to achieving your potential on the job. This gets easier when you have the right boss. By partnering with a strong recruiting partner, like DHR, you can find the perfect situation for your skills and personality. 

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